Link Love: Up, Down or Over?

Today’s intro is going to be a little brief. This weekend I came down with a cold. By Sunday, I had to wonder… is it a cold? So, in a torrential downpour on Sunday, I went for a COVID-19 test, just to be sure. It was negative. Yeah, I don’t have the ‘rona. But I still have a cold. So, I have been slogging through the week with the sniffles and a cough and today my voice sounds all weird and gravelly — more so than usual. But no ‘rona. So I’m relieved, but still annoyed. 

I highly recommend reading our lone pencil post this week that delves into some patent disputes in the history of pens and pencils. It makes me wonder if these patent disputes regarding pen and pencil shapes could or do happen today?

Two lifelong debates are settled here this week: the first about how to store your pens and the other on which way toilet paper should be rolled.

Finally, big thanks to Laura and her exhaustive efforts, the Pen Show Schedule has been updated and includes all current show dates and links for 2021 and what we know for 2022.




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