Fiber Friday: What ink matches my knitting?

Sometimes you’re knitting on a project and you realize that the yarn you’re working with would make a wonderful ink palette.

From my ink stash:

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  1. Laura,

    I love the connections between colours that you are posting. One of the things I've learnt this pandemic year is how much I depend on colour to stimulate my brain.

    When you finish whatever it is you are presently knitting, will you use the inks to write a description of your project?


  2. OMG, what yarn is that? I love it! Now you’re appealing to the knitter in me! Color stimulates my brain, too. Whenever I see colors I really like, I say, “they make my eyes happy.” Those inks with that yarn make my eyes happy!

    1. The yarn is some handspun that was put together as a custom spin for a client. I’m a part of the process that turns it into art pieces – chickens to be precise! The yarn is stunning and such a feast of color!

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