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Today I’ve got a treat for you! A few years ago Ana picked up a Yenderings pen roll. The case is handmade, and gorgeous, and it isn’t getting used and loved like it should, so Ana is generously offering it up as a giveaway!

For a short while, Yenderings produced a limited batch of pen rolls with designs inspired by places in Toronto. We found a review from the Pen Addict dating back to 2018 showing another case and discussing some of the design inspiration. There is a Yenderings Facebook page (linked above), but the website isn’t active currently. Still we wanted to share this gorgeous case with you.

This soft fabric case has a combination of individual pen slots and separate zippered pockets to hold your essentials. When opened completely, the case is approximately 20″/50cm wide. The case is a tri-fold can can be folded and held closed with a fabric tie, at which point it is approximately 8″/20cm wide x 9.5″/24cm tall.

All of the seams on this case are beautifully finished, and the complementary zippers open up to reveal lined pouches. I easily fit a pocket sized notebook into both zippered pouches and, while it would create some bulk, one could fit a handy Col-o-Ring in there as well.

The 12 pen slots are deep, meaning your pens can slide in and remain protected (for those who never want their pens to touch!). For the photo I didn’t push them in quite all the way, but when I did there was less than an inch of the caps that showed. Col-o-Ring aside, the case is a few inches thick when full, but lightweight.

And if you match it with a Musubi notebook, you’ll be stylin’!

So let’s get on with the giveaway shall we? The giveaway includes the gorgeous pen roll pictured here, but not any of the props I used (I’m keeping my pens and Musubi y’all).

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling about your current go-to pen case!  (Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay?) One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, June 18, 2021. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. ONE winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: All the items included in this post, as well as the giveaway item, were purchased by the staff of The Well-Appointed Desk using their own funds.

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  1. I currently love the Rickshaw deluxe pen rolls and one made by a friend. This roll is so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I have a lovely hand-made pen roll that I got on Etsy. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who made it. Would love another one.

  3. I have one by Shibui. It’s really well made. This roll is lovely. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  4. Looks like an interesting pen roll! I rely on Nock.Co’s pen cases, with the Sinclair, Brasstown, and Lookout models being my everyday use cases.

  5. I still use a by now vintage leather roll pen case from Levenger. Although I do sometimes use sandwich bags to carry pens and notes because I’m trash. I mean, I’m into recycling.

  6. My current goto pen case is a Nock Co. Brasstown in Forest Green. It’s currently stuffed to the brim with rollerball pens I need to use before they dry out. I’ve used it for fountain pens as well, but I finally used up all of my inked fountain pens so I’m just keeping one fountain pen inked at a time (6 right now actually) and carrying some rollerball pens that are near the end of their shelf life in the Brasstown. I also really like my Lehit Lab Compact Case for other miscellaneous things like Post-It notes, a Zebra PM-701 marker, highlighter, and mechanical pencil. Plus fountain pen ink cartridges. Very handy, I really do love zip cases more than any other style.

  7. I usually carry around a generic two-pen faux leather carrier! However, if I’m looking to carry more, or planning on being away from home and wanting more pens, I’ve got a beautiful black Girologio case that holds 12, I think! And for one day, when I go to a pen show again, I’ve got a 48 folio case!

  8. My current pen case is a Nock Sinclair. It is well made and functional but lacks the originality, whimsy and poetry of the Yenderings design.

  9. I have a Lihit Lab Book Style pen case in green. With my gel pens, mechanical pencils, Zebra mildliners and 7 fountain pens it’s almost full enough I can’t squeeze anything else in, which is going to be a problem when my Blackwings get short enough to carry around. But it’s the kind of problem I like to have.

  10. Back when I went places, I would use the pen slots built into my back pack, but a dedicated pen case is on the shopping list!

  11. My current go-to pen case is actually a pen roll I sewed myself during early quarantine using leftover fabric from some curtains I made for my first house several years ago. I’m actually pretty proud of it.

  12. Current pen case? The slots in my messenger bag! I’ve been looking for a while for a dedicated case.

  13. Currently I only have a Nightheron Leather two pen sleeve, but it’s fantastic and matches my OLPR notebook cover.

  14. I have a Woodriver pen case for my vintage pens. I have Rickshaw, Lamy and Newton pen sleeves. This Yenderings pen roll giveaway would work great with my Musubi notebook. Thanks for sharing.

  15. My go-to pen case is a Nock Sinclair purchased from Brad Dowdy himself at the San Francisco pen show. It looks as good as the day I bought it!

  16. I use a Nock Hightower when traveling light and a Tom Bihn Freudian Slip when I’ve got a bag. I keep looking at other cases and then just never making it happen.

  17. My current pen case is actually another Yenderings roll! I’ve coveted these for ages but they were always so expensive, and then COVID happened and it seems the person has stopped making them. I eventually came across one used and would absolutely love to win this one because it’s in a colorway I prefer way more. Hope I don’t sound incredibly greedy but I love these “artist wraps.”

  18. I have an overstuffed FC 6-pen holder in the grey suit material that’s still going strong years later. Love it.

  19. My current go to is a Nockco. Sinclair. It holds a pocket palette with watercolor, a couple waterbrushes, a pencil, ballpoint, and fountain pens for drawing and writing and it zips up to almost nothing.

  20. Right now my pens are stored in a couple of Galen Leather cases within easy reach, but when I travel (lol) I pick a few and use my Nock Sinclair. I’ve admired the Yenderings designs since I saw Gourmet Pens post about them. Beautiful work.

  21. Right now I use a Galen leather folio that I take everywhere. I need a roll for travel. Right now that folio goes everywhere lol.

  22. Currently, I am using my British Racing Green/Sunshine Sinclair, but now I have a new bag, and this would be a perfect match. Congratulations to the winner!

  23. Hi! My go-to pen case is a wonderful Nock Sinclair that holds up to everything (except cat hair!) and still looks great. That Yenderings case is a beauty, though, and the thought of being able to carry a dozen pens in it is awesome!

  24. Back in the day, when I would frequently take pens and letters and my journal out of the house – say, to our local coffee house – I used a big, inexpensive zippered pen case. It’s not made of leather or beautiful fabric. It’s hard to say what that stuff is it’s made from, but I have two that are black, purchased at the same time, and a larger one that’s blue and made of…I’m guessing the outside material is woven nylon. All of them have faux velvet inside and wide elastic stitched to accommodate many pens on each half. Altogether, they can hold over 100 pens. I usually only leave the house with one. (I keep about 30-50 pens inked.) But if I had something beautiful to take pens out of the house, like, when my coffee house replaces their tables and chairs…sigh…I would love to carry the beautiful, rather than the merely functional.

  25. I have one Nock Sinclair, and one Rickshaw Bagworks Waldo case. I can usually get 6 pens in, plus a Field Notes notebook.

    I could see using the Yenderings pen roll to put pens that need cleaning to inspire me to flush them. I have such a backlog of pens needing cleaning. My current method of storing them isn’t secure.

  26. I am currently using several Nock three-pen cases for my Pelikans. Just the other day I was wishing for a case that would hold at least a dozen pens so I wouldn’t have to switch back and forth, looking for the pen I wanted. This one would totally do the job!

  27. My Twsbi Eco stays in the case it arrived in. My LAMY safari sort of migrates around, luckily it hasn’t been damaged yet. I’d like to have a hard shell case for both, but I haven’t come across anything that sparkles with me yet.

  28. Currently my little pens are in individual Rickshaw sleeves, but for going to and from work, the full size ones happily live in the pen slots of my Tom Bihn Co-pilot.

  29. I have no current carrying case for any of my pens, except for a shirt pocket. So that would come in handy, even to slip into the outer pocket of my messenger bag.

  30. I don’t currently use a pen roll, I use 2 quiver like elastic band things to both hold my notebook closed and hold two pens.

  31. My current favorite carrying case is a Nock Sinclair in the famed unicorn barf! The loud colors bring a little bit of joy when going into joyless meetings

  32. I do not have a go-to pen case, which is a problem! This would be the perfect solution for all my pens and me!

  33. Is it a problem that I don’t have a nice pen case? All my fountain pens are littered across my large desk and non-fountain pens in a cardboard box. When I need to move all my pens between locations (like when I moved from my apartment), I wrapped my pens in foam and threw them in a cardboard box. So to answer the question… a cardboard box?

  34. I don’t currently have a pen roll but this one is lovely and it would be a joy to fill it up

  35. My daily carry is a Lihit Lab Smart Fit Actact compact pen case. You can fit a surprising amount of pens and 3×5 cards in there, but there’s always the risk of them touching. The Yenderings pen roll is a work of art!

  36. I am currently using a Rickshaw Deluke inktopus when I need to carry multiple pens. And a Nock A6 seed that my Hobonichi lives in often carries a couple of pens, especially if I don’t need the dozen that the Rickshaw carries.

  37. Oh, this is so beautiful! I would love to win as I don’t have a pen case, just pens scattered here and there, some piled up like friendly puppies in a box one of them came in.

  38. Hello!

    During the last few years my go-to pen case is a Pilot PCS49-65. It’s a simple faux leather zipped pouch, with a minimalist design, in a beautiful dark blue colour. It’s proven durable enough, and, I can easily fit 3-4 pens or pencils, 2-3 spare ink cartridges or converters, a sharpener and an eraser.

    At home, I have a wooden display box, where I store my pens and their accessories.

  39. I actually don’t have a pen case having started the fountain pen hobby during the pandemic and working from home. My pens are all on my home office desk. But in a few weeks I return to my work office and will need something to bring a few with me to work every day.

  40. While I have many pen holders and cases of different fabrics and styles, my favorite, and most used, is a turquoise and pink Nock Sinclair nylon pack cloth 3-pen holder. It is the most convenient style for me, and the prettiest of colors, easiest to spot in any bag I carry, either outside, or from room to room in my house.

    It securely holds 3 pens in their individual slots. That is just the beginning. Their is a section Nock calls a “memo book pocket” for 3.5″ x 5.5″ notebooks. It works well for more pens and even smaller notebooks and other necessities such as post-it notes, stamps, washi tape, and the like. The middle is an open pocket in which I carry chargers. Although this might be termed a mid-size case, it can safely, comfortably and easily hold a surprising number of items, partly because its lining is so smooth and somewhat cushion-like, partly because the case itself will allow some “give” into which to place small items, and partly because the plastic zipper is among the most well made, sturdiest I’ve come across.

    A month or so back, I made my first foray out the hair salon since the pandemic struck. My Nock came with me, along with several notebooks. I can spend a good couple of hours there, so the notebooks, pens and Nock cover all are put to good use!

  41. I have to, very carefully, use the slots in my bookbag. I have to be selective about which pens I travel with, and I don’t like that! I need to find something which will hold a few more and I know will do it securely.

  42. I’ve got a three slot Nook pen case that holds my day to day stuff (pen, waterproof pen, and a pencil), plus a couple of single pen pouches for whatever I’m using at the time. All that and my other scrapbook-y stuff goes in a make up bag that that been re purposed.

  43. My go to always was the NOCK Sinclair for my pens. But since we’ve been home more and frankly since I got it I’ve been using my NOCK Burton to hold multiple pens and my notebook. I his looks great and right up my alley, especially since I’ve been thinking of giving the Burton a new use for watercolor tools! Thanks for the chance!

  44. The one case that I ALWAYS end up using is the Nock Sinclair. It’s small enough to fit in most of my bags/purses, yet seems to hold enough pens plus a little extra notebook.

  45. I currently use a green vintage leather pen roll that I bought via Etsy.I love the aged patina and the color green. I also love that it’s upcycled!

  46. I don’t currently have a pen case, it’s terrible really and something that I really have been looking at more and more to get.

  47. Mostly, I have a ystudio brassing in my bag somewhere – the ones that come with their own wooden case. Aside from that there’s a serious deficit of pen storage, but it’s only a matter of time before an order goes into Rickshaw….

  48. Current case is a small floral repurposed cosmetics pouch. It’s pretty and holds my beloved Coleto multi-pens and more, but I’ve always wanted to try a roll so each pen can have its own special slot. Thanks for this giveaway and for all the work you do on this wonderful site. Thanks also to all the commenters who wrote about the Nock Sinclair – I may have to join your ranks! 😀

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