Link Love: Desk AV Club?

I’m always surprised by what I find in my RSS reader each week and this week was no different. First, there were many posts I didn’t include. Suffice it to say they were many posts that made me sad, angry or frustrated with the state of the world. My wish is that we are kind to the world, to those that are different to us, who might not understand or agree with.

In more happy, positive posts, Studio Ghibli made multiple appearances. Nothing makes me happier than Totoro so that vastly improved how I felt. There are several new films coming soon: one about Foley artists and one about chef Anthony Bourdain. I’m adding both to my “to watch” list. Should we start a Desk Film Club?

In the pen community, Joe at Gentleman Stationer posted a follow-up to Jesi’s post about the End of Tomoe River paper and the Fountain Pen Pharmacist reviewed one of my all-time favorite inks Pen BBS Tolstoy.



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  1. Thanks to Tina, this year I started what I call a “positivity journal” for 2021. In it, I try to note each day an act of kindness I’ve seen/heard/read about, or actually performed myself, or failing that – some happy memory or something I’m grateful for. Just a few lines, and I’m hoping to keep it going for several more years. It’s in a plain Nanami A6 Cafe Note. If I miss a day, I do try to go back and fill in.

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