Link Love: Hot Wheels & Chair Socks (You can’t resist clicking through now, can you?)

Hot Wheels MINI JCW Cooper

Welcome to Wednesday Link Love brought to you by the inside of my local MINI dealership. Don’t worry, I am not throwing my beloved Fat Charlie (2009 MINI Cooper in BRG) out but I thought you all would be amused to see the Hot Wheels JCW MINI Cooper S sitting in the lobby. I’m actually waiting for Charlie to get his long-overdue service. The pandemic and my financial situation have both improved so that taking him to get all his bits checked over is actually possible. Should I have them add this spoiler and air intake onto Charlie? NAW! He just needs his fluids topped off.

In pen-related news, we are chock-a-block with paper posts this week and Joe over at Gentleman Stationer asks the hot-button question “Has the market for ‘limited editions’ jumped the shark?” which is a topic ripe for discussion. What’s your opinion?




Notebooks & Paper:

Art & Creativity:

Cat Paw chair sock
TABBY Cat Paw Chairs Socks $8 (via Wonder Fair Home Shopping Network)

Other Interesting Things:

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