Link Love: A Farewell to Susan

This week marks the departure of Susan Pigott from The Pen Addict as she forges ahead in a new life challenge. I was amused when reading her post that many of her favorite reviews and posts over the years were also products I have also loved reviewing. While Susan may be leaving The Pen Addict for now, I don’t think she is leaving the pen community forever.  Best of luck to you in your new adventures. Your beautiful photos and posts will be missed.

Hey Susan, if you ever want to guest post here on The Desk, you are always welcome!

Post of the Week:

Saying Goodbye to The Pen Addict (via The Pen Addict)


Another ink collecgtion post by The Gentleman Stationer. I love seeing these swatches all collected together. I think I need to do this.



Notebooks & Paper:

Art & Creativity:

The Raven Story stamp just released by the USPS.

Other Interesting Things:

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