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News dropped this week that CW Pencils would be closing up shop for good by the end of 2021. Caroline Weaver and her devoted team of pencil enthusiasts have been an inspiration to the stationery community. Caroline launched a beloved stationery subscription service, published an amazing book on the history of the pencil and appeared in dozens of publications (“A store that sells pencils?!?!” often being the some variation of the headline). If you ever set foot in CW Pencil Enterprise, Caroline was gracious and knowledgeable and ready to share her enthusiasm with you.

While my heart is breaking that the pandemic has broken yet another small business, I know Caroline is smart, talented and passionate. Whatever she does next will be amazing. Send your best wishes to Caroline and her employees. Next year will be a mix of exciting, bittersweet, scary, and sad for them all and even they will need our support and good wishes.

Links of the Week:

On closing (via CW Pencil Enterprise)

Shop Closing FAQ (via CW Pencil Enterprise)




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