Link Love: Squirrels in my ink

I can’t tell you how tickled I was when I saw the story about the young girl who rescued the baby squirrels after Hurricane Ida (below in “Other Interesting Things). It had to be the thing that brought me the most delight this week. That, and the re-broadcast of an episode of Every Little Thing podcast about astronauts when they return to earth. Even if you’re not a space nerd, the pure joy emanating from this episode is palpable.

In other news, I am finally taking my laptop to Apple on Sunday after living with aa janky keyboard since I bought it 3 years ago. If you have had issues with keys repeating randomly like I have, check to see if your laptop is covered by the recall. This might make posting next week a little challenging. I’ll keep you posted or borrow my office laptop. (I had to correct at least FOUR cases of repeating aaaaaa’s in this paragraph alone. And a double O where I didn’t need it.)




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  1. Ana,

    Janky keyboards are a pain. I’m surprised you were able to put up with it for three years! Why not write out your posts by hand and post photos of your musings? I’ll bet your fountain pen never aaddddsss eeextrrra letters, preciousssss.


  2. Link Love is a fabulous banquet! I can’t possibly sample everything in one sitting, but thank goodness, I can return and enjoy whenever I wish. And then I get the pleasure of looking forward to the next Link Love. Thank you!

  3. Just wanted you to know that reading your post every Saturday (my sit down with Feedly and catch up on the week’s postings) is one of the highlights! Thank you so much for putting this great list together and sharing ❤️

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