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Of course, people who love analog tools would find a way to use analog channels to tell their stories. In the past, I’ve mentioned Plumbago and the Pen Post but today, I have two more pencil zines that landed in my inbox this week. Johnny Gamber of Pencil Revolution has taken his love of pencils and analog medium one step further and has been producing not just the Pencil Revolution zine for the past several months but several other publications as well.

Johnny’s Pen Post and Pencil Revolution Zine (issues start at $5) will be of most interest to the readers here. Both publications are a delight and remind me why I love zines and other paper ephemera.

Pencil of the Week

Pencil of the Week (prices start at $1 per issue with special editions ranging in price up to $5) is a hand written zine that features a lengthy review of a pencil in each issue. Issue 15 and 15.5  were an extra special “double issue”. Issue 15 is a classic pencil review about the Staedtler Norica HB and 15.5 features our own Tina Koyama‘s artwork on the cover (hand colored by Tina!) and filled with reviews of our ever-loving Red/Blue pencils. Wait until you read which pencil is rated number one! (I said that to increase you excitement… did it work?)

I’m delighted with the influx of new zine publications. There are lots of other zines available these days on all sorts of topics from poetry and music to sports and mental health.  Zines are a great way to spend an afternoon and helps to support these creative labors of love.

Have you ever created a zine? Would you? What would it be about?

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