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There are lots of pen, pencil and stationery blogs and podcasts that are finding ways to generate funds to support their passions through subscription services. By contributing $2, $5 or more each month, we as readers or listeners can help keep our favorite blogs and podcasts going. Subscribers get little extras like handwritten thank you notes, a special podcast episode or discount coupons and the stationery blogger/podcaster earns a bit more money each month.

Some of the funds generated are used to pay for hosting fees, improving equipment (computers, microphones, cameras, etc) or maintenance (like internet services, hosting fees, etc). Other funds help to pay for products to review.

I know we all  feel like every thing costs a $3-$5 a month now from our streaming tv to our newspaper subscriptions to the blogs we read but isn’t it worth supporting the projects we value?

The nice thing about Patreon and other services like it is that ,should your financial situation or interests change, you can reduce or cancel your support, even temporarily. You can shift your limited funds from one worthy cause to another throughout the year. When I lost my job last year, I cancelled all my subscriptions and various support to conserve funds but once I got a new job, I have been adding subscriptions back one by one. Some I pay in yearly chunks, others are month to month.

If you are a fan of any of the following blogs or podcasts, consider showing your support to these fine folks:

Many creators also have shops where they sell merchandise so check their sites for links as another way to support their ventures and get cool stuff in the process.

Let me know if we missed any of your favorite stationery content creators.

And, of course, not to sell our own snake oil, but we also have a Patreon. We offer several backer levels with various perks.

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  1. You’re selling snake oil now? I totally missed that in your shop. Will it cure everything that ails me and bring world peace? And I thought the new nib stamps were the coolest thing you offered…

    Some of those bloggers are new to me. I shall have to do some Internet exploration.

    Thanks, Ana!


  2. Hmmm, I’d never thought of setting up a Patreon, although I do take ad hoc PayPal donations through my site. I do support a few stationery blogs through subscriptions and I’m glad to do so — I know how much work goes into keeping the words and pictures flowing! Good post.

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