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As November has started, my need to get serious about planning has escalated. I don’t know about you but my planning game went on hiatus for 2020 and the better part of 2021. But last week, I got my COVID booster and flu shot and plans are being made for upcoming holiday celebrations. I feel like life is slowly returning to normal and, as a result, has required more effort on my part to stay on top of my tasks and activities. However, after almost two years of “not planning” I feel like I need to re-evaluate the what and how I plan. I am considering a return to a ring or discbound planner this year but I even considered (gasp!) a digital planner! Don’t worry, the idea of digital planning being useful or effective, quickly passed.

How’s your planning game?



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  1. Although I’m still less than optimistic about life returning to normal any time soon, I have regained a good part of my planning mojo. I’ve ordered and received my unpunched Agendio, punched and placed it in my discbound planner, and have made notes on the monthly pages. I’ve even swapped out the planner cover and my current line-up of fountain pens and inks for a more seasonal vibe. And now I get to enjoy some planner link love!

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