Nankniswemo: Completing a challenge!

At the beginning of the month, Laura talked about the NaKniSweMo (Knit a Sweater in a Month) Challenge that she and I both participate in every year. Like the NaNoWriMo challenge, we are not always successful but this year we both set ourselves pretty accomplishable goals. Laura spent a week in the car so knitting was about the only thing she could do making finishing the project more doable than other years. I took on a project that involved complicated colorwork at the beginning of the project, with more “brainless knitting” at the end so I could just knit, knit, knit! I also made sure to choose a short-sleeved pattern this year because anyone who has ever knit with me knows I hate knitting sleeves and do it grudgingly, usually after knitting three other projects just to avoid the sleeves.

Of course, I couldn’t work on this project without wondering, what inks best go with it.

Not only did my project (the Navelli by Caitlin Hunter) end up following the color scheme that the designer knit up her sample but it matched ALL THE THINGS in my stationery world right now. Inking up my Pelikan M205 in Moonstone and filling it with Colorverse #17 Vortex Motion or Lamy Crystal Agate was a perfect match to the dark Sunshine Yarns I used for the edging and colorwork pattern.  Colorverse x Opus 88 Adobe and Kyo-no-oto #4 Yamabuki-iro (also Birmingham Pen Co. Chuck Cooper Sunrise Key which is no longer available) matched the brassy yellow tones of my main color (yarn of unknown origin purchased at a swap sale). The light speckled yarn was also from Sunshine Yarns.

What really tickled me is that the whole project, while being OH SO AUTUMNY also matched the Laine My Knitting Notes notebook I’m using to track and annotate all my knitting projects but also my new Stitcher’s Oracle Deck.

Laura also completed her NaKniSweMo and posted this photo on Instagram with the finished photos and details but no ink swatches! What colors do you think might best match this yarn?

Laura's NaKniSweMo

My guesses would be one of the following:

Either Robert Oster Terra Cotta, Kyo-iro #04 Moonlight or Diamine Autumn Oak.

So, with NaKniSweMo behind us, its time to start our frantic holiday knitting. Time to get all the projects on the planner!

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  1. Y’all inspired me, and I knit my first sweater this November. Similar color to Laura’s. I thought Monteverde Fire Opal went well with it.

  2. Man, I really need to learn colorwork. That is one incredible sweater and the matching inks are to die for. ( I’m just ditzy enough to mess up the pattern but somehow I can cable in my sleep.)

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