Paper Review: Midori Autumn Silk Screen Printed Pads

When browsing for paper recently, I was absolutely taken with the Midori Autumn Silk Screen Printed Pads ($7.00-9.50). The designs were beautiful, and the message pad and letter pad (with matching envelopes) called to me.

I ended up purchasing the Japanese Maple Message Pad ($7.00) and the Dahlia Letter Pad ($9.50). These top bound pads are filled with ivory textured paper, and silk screen printed with designs inspired by Maki-e lacquer art.  Both contain absolutely lustrous colors with foil accents. They are, in a word, stunning.

Each pad contains 16 sheets, 8 each of two designs. They are intended for writing letters or notes, and there are guides included at the back of each pad. Even though I’m not a letter writer, I just had to buy these – I have no idea what I’ll use them for, but they’re just so pretty!

The paper is quite interesting. It’s textured and almost has a cottony feel, but it doesn’t seem to absorb more ink than usual. Sheening inks don’t appear to sheen so much on it (I tested Robert Oster Fire & Ice), but the paper doesn’t feather or bleed either. And it’s thick enough that you could clearly use both sides.

These seem to be selling out fast, but if you’re looking for lovely stationery gift for a fellow pen addict, I’d definitely recommend these!



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  1. Hey Laura,

    If you're still wondering what to do with those pads, you could write me a letter : ). I don't always respond promptly, but eventually I'll write you back.

    Those are lovely. I think I'll e-stroll over there and check them out.


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