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I can’t believe I’ve never talked about the small, highly researched and well-crafted publication called Paul’s Fountain Pen Journal. If you’ve attended just about any pen show in the US, you’ve probably met or heard Paul. He’s got a distinctive East Coast accent and is the enthusiastic Grand Poobah of the Black Pen Society.

The Grand Poobah himself, Paul Erano, in 2018 at the DC Pen Show meet-up

Paul’s Fountain Pen Journal is filled with detailed articles about modern and vintage pens, profiles of notable folks in the pen community and really great photography. It arrives in my mailbox wrapped in protective plastic. The magazine uses high quality paper and includes full color photography throughout.

The latest issue, Volume 7 No.1, is at the printers, and should be mailed out sometime in late November.  If you would like to become a reader of this small independent publication, you can subscribe to via PayPal. Cost for a subscription (3 issues per year which works out to about $8 an issue and includes shipping in the US) is $25 and can be sent to Paul directly via PayPal to this email address: plerano (at) aol (dot) com. You can also mail a check directly to Paul. Email him at the same address for his mailing address.

Paul's Fountain Pen Journal

The pandemic has made it hard for a lot of the pen community who made a good deal of their yearly income from pen shows and the subsequent sales after meeting people at shows. Paul’s Fountain Pen Journal was no exception. So, if you’ve never subscribed, help keep this independent publication going by subscribing now. (According to Paul’s email: “It also makes a great gift!”)

I am a subscriber to Paul’s Fountain Pen Journal. This post was not sponsored, I just want to support the community.

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  1. Thanks, Ana. There are few like Paul, a genial man who has a wealth of knowledge to share, and loves to do so with other pen lovers and newcomers alike. In 10 years of hanging with him at shows, I’ve never seen him cast judgment on someone new to the hobby, and he is supportive of all the other vendors and pen citizens. The FPJ is a great way to get an insight into vintage pens and the collecting world. I hope your article gives increased exposure to a fine product of a fine person.

  2. My affection for fountain pens has not given them a big budget. But if I was inclined to splurge I would subscribe, because he clearly puts in effort to interview people and find the background to what makes an ink or nib special. There are no hobbyist manufacturers of cars or celphones, but must fountain pens are from companies owned by afficionados.

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