12 Days of Inkmas: Day 3 Kobe Bauhaus Orange

Last year Jesi bought me a ginormous book (see pic below for scale) on the Bauhaus art movement and the matching Kobe Bauhaus Orange Ink. I’ve been hoarding the ink, as you do with limited edition ink that was given as a gift. But I thought I’d share this treasure with you. The ink came in a box printed with Bauhaus-style graphics and the label also has primary colors so associated with the Bauhaus movement.

very goofy photo of me with the ginormous Bauhaus book.

On Col-o-ring paper, Kobe Bauhaus Orange is a deep reddish orange with a noticeable sheen.

A close-up of a Col-o-dex card to show the golden sheen.

On old Tomoe River paper, in areas with heavy coverage, the golden-almost-greenish sheen is also apparent. When writing on Tomoe with a fine stub nib, there’s not a lot shading but as with all Sailor inks, the ink is smooth and feels almost creamy when writing.

On classic Rhodia paper, there is less evidence of sheen or shading but the color is clear and the ink keeps a crisp edge.

I think it’s been awhile since I loaded a pen with a classic Sailor ink and had forgotten what great performing inks they are — like writing with melted ice cream.

For ink comparisons, I was most interested to see how similar the Kobe Bauhaus Orange was to the classic Sailor Kin-Mokusei and the Oster Pen Addict Fire on Fire. Kobe Bauhaus Orange has more sheen than Fire on Fire and Bauhaus Orange is more reddish than both of the colors. The Monteverde Topaz was probably the closest in color though the Monteverde does not sheen like the Kobe.

The Vinta Silab from the Vintage Collection has gobs more sheen but it’s also much more red in hue. Montblanc Lucky Orange is quite close in color but does not have the same sheen.

Overall, if I were reaching for a “scare away the grey” orange ink, I would pick the Bauhaus Orange. The lubricated formula makes writing with the ink as pleasurable as the color itself.


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