Ways to Swatch with the Original Col-o-ring

When Ana developed the original Col-o-ring in 2017, she knew she wanted to make it the perfect ink testing swatch book. She spent months testing the paper, and swatching her own samples. But she had no idea how everyone would use them. From gorgeous swatches to doodles and sketches, we’ve all loved seeing how you use your Col-o-rings. Here are a few of our favorites!

We never get tired of seeing gorgeous rainbows:


Gorgeous things happen when you add a little gold to your swatches:

And how amazing are these little drawings? Ink swatching cards aren’t only for ink swatching!

And these beautiful watercolors!

How do you use your Col-o-ring? We’d love to see! Share your swatches (or doodles) with us on Instagram using the hashtag #coloringinktestingbook!

P.S. A Col-o-ring makes a FABULOUS stocking stuffer for an artist or fountain pen ink love…. just saying!

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