A little old… a little new.

If you’re like me you’re finding re-entry to the yearly hamster wheel a little tough this week. So I thought I’d ease the transition and share a bit of a high note from the end of 2021, and a little peek at how I’m starting 2022.

At the end of the year Ana and I thought we could feature what stationery gifts we enjoyed over the holidays. The only problem, I told her, was that I didn’t think I was getting any such gifts. But I was wrong! My boss spent most of December in Italy and she returned with presents for everyone.

I was tickled because she brought me a wax sealing stamp with my initials, and some gorgeous stationery from Florence. Part of the reason I was tickled is because I STILL have a package of stationery that I bought in Florence when I was there over 25 years ago. Regardless, the gifts are thoughtful and were just the kind of high note to end the year on.

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed and into my office totally unprepared for another year. However, at least I had my planner needs covered. This year I ordered another Year of the Calendar planner. This year’s version, 2022, is the Year of the Snoop.

Last year I purchased and reviewed 2021: The Year of the Optimist. Despite the fact that last year didn’t turn out as planned, I did use the crap out of that planner. It proved to be the perfect planner to organize my work life. Daily boxes allowed me to keep a running to do list for each day, as well as note deadlines and appointments. I admittedly didn’t use a lot of the other features that much, but the cardstock pages handle any of my inks (fountain pen, gel, rollerball and more) beautifully and I never ran out of space. So I got this year’s model, which even comes with invisible ink! I may not be ready for 2022, but my planner is!

Wishing you a wonderful week of starts to the year. Next week I’ll give you more of a proper review!

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