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Cancel my trial of 2022

This meme got sent around my friends last week. At the time, I wasn’t convinced that 2022 had really started out all that badly. Then I had three different people tell me they were exposed to COVID, two that are suffering from it and I live in a community where the politicians have chosen to just avoid the issue altogether. Monday, I had a stress-filled day at work and then got home to discover someone had stolen my credit card number. If you’re going to steal my credit card and use it at a sporting goods store, trust me, my bank is going to flag that as a suspicious purchase. I will be spending the next week updating every web site or auto-payment linked to that card. So, on second though, I’d like to unsubscribe from 2022. Maybe, if 2022 sends me a coupon, I might consider resubscribing at a later date.




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  1. Ana,

    It will have to be a pretty steep discount coupon to tempt me to re-subscribe. I am so sorry about the credit card theft. Figuring out everywhere you use that number will be madness.

    Thank you for this week’s Link Love. It looks like a great set of rabbit holes to explore. I don’t know how you do it all: full-time job, the Well-Appointed Desk posts and discussions and shop, life, cat, spouse… Clones? Time-machine? Never sleeping?

    You are a wonder. I may give up on a lot of 2022, but not on the Well-Appointed Desk posts. They help me endure this pandemic and other insanities.


    1. Maybe the %20pencils is a hint for a secret coupon code? I’m afraid 2022 will have to do a lot better than that!

      1. It’s java script/ASCII for adding a space.

        I like your idea of it being a secrect code for “20% off Pencils” a lot better! ^_^

        1. It was actually a huge typo that meant I left off the entire Pencils link section. Thanks for clicking links and finding my error!

  2. Tripped in my office. Fell on my knee…hard. Wearing a knee brace and waiting for the pain to stop. Yay 2022. I’d also like to unsubscribe. Love your post and feel your pain!

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