Product Review: Midori P-51 Paper Clips

I spent hours this morning trying to find the web site link that I found showing the most amazing use for the Midori P-51 Clips ) but I couldn’t find it. I think it came from Modern Daily Knitting but I could not find the original post. I am going to give them credit for it anyway.

Midori P-51 Clips on knitting needles

I use Midori P-51 clips ($5.50 for a pack of 18, available in 10 different designs. I bought the bunny rabbits as they seemed the most “fibery”) to tame my circular knitting needles. When I am done knitting for the day, I slide a bunny clip over the cord of the circular needles. If the project is small enough, both ends of the cord can be slipped into one clip. If the project is larger or getting a bit difficult to tame, slide a clip on each end of the needle where the flexible cord meets the needle. This will keep your yarn from sliding off the needles as well as keep all your stitch markers in place. You can find other, fancy needle tip covers but a pack of 18 of these darling little clips which come in an array of colors tames half a dozen projects currently on the needles with clips to spare (or share!).

This is just one of many off-label uses I’ve found for office supplies. I also use binder clips to seal bags of snack foods and I keep a hand stapler in my tea drawer to close my fill-it-yourself tea bags. I’m sure I have other unusual uses for office supplies that I can’t remember at this moment. What are your life hacks with office supplies?

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  1. Thanks for these tips!
    Question: I need something to hang tools without holes. Imagine how to hang a pencil onto a hook. I need to fashion something with a hole to add to the end of small tools. I got a fly fishing vest I’m repurposing for paper crafting. I want to attach a cutting tool, bone folder, scoring/awl tool, etc to the 4+ retractable cords. Any ideas?

    1. Sounds like the old chatelaine. Women used to wear tools on their belts. I suggest googling chatelaines and modern versions. Good luck

      1. Wow, great suggestion! Loved learning about chatelaines! Thanks so much! Re: how to hang some items, for a cutting tool with a plastic handle, I heated a metal skewer and made a hole through the handle, and stuck a ring through it so now it hangs too. Yay!

  2. I keep my crochet hooks in one of my Nock Cases, and I keep a small Leuchhturm1917 in my project bag for all my notes.

  3. For quickly referencing knitting patterns on the go, I write out each row onto the back of old business cards. I then punch a single hole into the cards and put them on a binder ring. If necessary, I use a binder clip to hold my place in the pattern repeat.

    Now I must get some adorable little clips for my circular needles!

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