Letter Writing and Coloring: Secret Garden Postcards

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m absolute balls at letter writing. I love to receive mail, but I’m terrible at responding. So I’m a big fan of the postcard. A fun photo, a short snippet of text, and someone has happy mail!

Where do you stand on coloring? I love looking at art and color, and I like to color, but in general I don’t think I’m very good at it. I second guess my color placement all the time.

So how does a girl resolve these likes and dislikes? The Secret Garden Postcards from Jetpens ($11.75 for a book of 20). I was thrilled to find them the last time I was shopping and I’ve been looking forward to getting a chance to color them. These postcards are pulled from the gorgeous artwork of Johanna Basford, and the larger coloring book of the same name.

The postcards are easily detachable from a glue binding, and ready to be colored and sent to your nearest and dearest. I’ve only spent a bit working on the first one, but I am enjoying it (though what was I thinking with all those colors for the tail?) I’m using a combination of Inkjoy Gels, Marvy LePens and a few other pens I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve been desperately looking for my Sakura Gelly Rolls, but I may need to place an order for some more of those! (And I’m soooo tempted to buy this set.)

So… who wants a postcard? I can’t make any guarantees on how timely they’ll be, but I’d love to send you a postcard I’ve colored, and I’ll throw an uncolored one in so you can pass the love on! Just leave a comment here and I’ll contact you for your mailing address when I’m ready. The book only has 20 postcards, so I’ve got a max of 10 people for this one.

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  1. Have you heard of Postcrossing? I’m a huge fan of it – the idea is sending and receiving postcards from random people around the world. Zero commitment! February is International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) and I’ll be sending postcards ever day! =]

  2. I’d love a postcard. It could be fun to send two to each or my grandchildren—one I colored with a message and one for them to color and send back. I could even stamp and address it to make it easy. I have a collection of postcards that goes back 30 or 40 or maybe 50 years. I also have a scrapbook made by a great aunt who collected postcards (instead of snapshots) on her grand tour of Europe at the beginning of the 20th Century.

  3. Sounds like fun! I also enjoy sending postcards and have quite the collection of them. Would be happy to mail one back to you.

  4. I hope I can in the queue! I’d love a postcard and I’d love to color one and pass it on. And who knows what could come your way….eventually.

  5. Not sure my comment went through….so just in case….and if it did you can ignore this.
    I’d love a postcard and the chance to pass one along. And who knows what would go your way.

  6. I’ve tried a couple times to leave a comment. Maybe a cookie issue?

    I’d love a postcard! And the chance to color and mail one.

  7. Perfect timing for InCoWrMo; postcards are a great way to get a bit of happy mail in the system. I’d love one if available – I’ll send back a postcard from a pile of random japanese stationary I just received from a friend.

  8. One way to not have to color the whole thing is to draw a circle (a ‘spotlight’) and color only inside that part of the postcard! I’d love to have one and will exchange in return.

  9. I love coloring and I used to collect postcards from everywhere I went. I would love to add to my collection if you would be so kind

  10. I like your owl. I especially like the multi-colored tail & the white/salmon colored leaves(?) over his head. I see nothing wrong with your color choices thus far. Pick what you like, or what you think you might like. After all, you’re the artist. Have fun!! Hope you’ll show it again when you think your done.

  11. I love this! I think you already have 10 people but if everyone else backs out I would love to get a piece of art, er, snail mail!

  12. Letter writing and coloring are such delightful forms of self-expression! I can totally relate to your love for postcards – they’re a fantastic way to send a piece of happiness through the mail.

    As for coloring, it’s not about being ‘good’ at it; it’s about enjoying the process and the colors themselves. Second-guessing is all part of the creative journey. Keep embracing the joy in both letter writing and coloring – they bring a touch of creativity and connection to our lives!

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