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(Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune)

Yesterday, it was 60ºF and tonight its threatening to snow anywhere from 4-15″ (depending on which weather report you trust). It reminded of all the mornings we had to shovel our cars out of the snow in Chicago and the tradition to mark the spot you worked so hard to clear. Thankfully, the Tribune collected some of the best. The image above looks like it could easily have been taken in front of our apartment. While I no longer have to dig out my parking space, I do have to shovel out my driveway. Maybe, in honor of my Chicago brethren, I’ll leave a couple milk crates and a broom to save my spot in the driveway.

Hope winter is treating you okay.

Oh, and the Pen Addict podcast hit a milestone 500 episodes this week. Who knew two guys could talk about Sailor pens and Retro 51 for 474 episodes (guess why I chose that number?)! Be sure to use the Pen Addict Bingo cards while listening to this episode.

And happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!




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