Life Hack: Washi Tape Storage

Sometimes at the end of the day instead of doomscrolling I flip over to TikTok with the idea of watching a few inane videos. But every now and again something catches my attention and I’m sure my husband is tired of me saying “hey I saw this great hack on TikTok.”

We all have washi tape right? Fun, colorful, inexpensive by the roll, you can’t stash just one? Well what do you do when your washi tape stash gets out of control? Sure there are storage systems you can buy, but what if you could make your own?

I’ve been waiting (im)patiently to share this one until I finished my most recent roll of aluminum foil. I think this would work better if I got a dowel from the hardware store to run through the center of the rolls, but it’s pretty brilliant right? All stored neatly in one place, an upcycled sturdy container we all buy from time to time, and you can use the serrated edge to get a nice clean tear on your tape. I used a bit of leftover bubble wrap to fill the end, but I’m sure that’s a temporary fix until I order 10 more rolls, right?

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  1. Cool! And a bit of washi tape from each roll can be used on the lid flap to cover the foil logo and remind you which tape is inside. Love this.

  2. I have yet to do it but a while ago I started saving the metal strip off tin foil boxes with the idea that I could make-shift something that is sturdier and looks a bit nicer. A wood or acrylic rectangular box with a method of holding down a dowel to keep them all rolling…and attaching the metal strip with brads or glue to the front. Now I just need to get on it!

  3. Laura,

    I wonder if you could run a sturdy string or cord through the center of the box and the rolls of tape and anchor it on the outside with small popsicle sticks or paperclips? A dowel would probably be best, but until then, that might help.

    Excuse me now; I have to go find excuses to use up some foil or waxed paper…


  4. I buy the store brand of foil and the cardboard roll holds washi tape perfectly. Also, an empty paper towel roll can be sliced lengthwise and rerolled to decrease its diameter to fit washi. Then tape it to keep it secure.

  5. I stack my Washi tape 4-6 high, and put pencils and pens upright in them. So, making extra pen cups out of them. Works great unless you need super frequent access to the tapes. I guess I use my tapes about twice a week, so it works for me. I do like this idea for extra storage though!

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