Yarn + Ink Palette: Spring is Coming

This week is unseasonably warm and full of sunshine and it’s doing everything to raise my spirits. I’m also working on a new chicken for The City Girl Farm in an interesting mix of colors.

I thought this post would be easy, until I went to pull inks swatched from my stash and didn’t find exactly what I wanted.


The inks I pulled are:

  • PenBBS #219 Watermelon Green – this green really is a bit too bright for the yarn, I feel like maybe Sailor Epinard would be the ticket, but alas…
  • Sailor Jentle Sakura Mori – this ink is definitely too dark for the very pale natural and peachy pink tones of the yarn, but maybe in the lightest portions it works?
  • Diamine Aurora Borealis – this is the only one I feel is SPOT on color!

What do you think?

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  1. I DEFINITELY love the Aurora Borealis ink… the other two inks do not look nearly as good as the yarns they mimic.

    And the yarn work (scarf???) is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Laura,

    You might have to start mixing inks to get perfect matches, though you might be right about Epinard. I think the best match for the cream yarn might be a blank Col-o-gard card with a very light smudge of some pink.

    I do like your yarn and ink palettes.

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