Fountain Pen Ink Review: Pennonia/Inkdependence Cheerio Waterbus

While at the Atlanta Pen Show, Ana brought back a bottle of the newest ink for us to swatch and review. Cheerio Waterbus is a collaboration between Pennonia and Inkdepence and is available for preorder in Mike’s shop!

The name, Cheerio Waterbus, which in Hungarian is a bit like saying “after a while crocodile.” We imagine it rhymes charmingly!

Cheerio Waterbus is a gorgeous emerald green ink with lots of blue pigment. The pigment doesn’t mix into the ink but rather hovers creating almost a sheen of blue against the green. The pigment itself does separate – you can see it at the bottom of the bottle and the box advises to shake well before use.

This ink is super fun. I didn’t know whether I was getting much of the blue in my samples, but I can see it everywhere except for the Col-o-Dex card – only a scant bit there. But look at those glorious ink drops! The green definitely shades, although in a fine or medium nib you mostly just get green.

It was hard to find similar inks in my “stash.” On the light end of the ink, Birmingham Pen Co Summer Jade is close, although a bit mintier. On the dark end, Waterman Harmonious Green isn’t a bad match. Sheaffer Green is a bit too teal, although I feel like in the blue sections maybe?

The ink loaded up and flowed well through my TWSBI Eco and after a day or two I don’t see too much pigment gathering at the bottom. It dried reasonably quickly and looks amazing!

And don’t forget that Audrey, the Nib Doctor, and nail polish afficionado has a preorder available for Cheerio Waterbus in nail polish!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the items included in this review were provided to us free of charge, others were purchased with our own funds, for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. If we want Mike to arrange for a third batch, let him know! He didn’t think this second batch would sell out, but it did. I missed the first offering, but did manage to snag some this time around and can’t wait to try it out.

    I’m thinking about digging up one of my old Sheaffer No Nonsense pens and coating in with the nail polish.

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