Ink Review: PENBBS #273, Blue Sky Shimmer

In my ongoing quest to find the perfect periwinkle ink, I couldn’t leave out PENBBS #273, Blue Sky Shimmer (60mL for $16.00). I should say that I’m biased in that I think PENBBS makes some of the best shimmer inks I’ve seen!

Blue Sky Shimmer is a light powder blue, with silver shimmer. It shades quite a bit, and while it is lovely in every application. I do think in writing it’s a bit light for my tastes.

The reason I love PENBBS inks so much is that I think they do shimmer just right for my tastes. They use the finest particles I’ve seen, and I’ve not had one clog up a pen. Their light touch gives the ink just the right amount of shimmer so that I don’t feel like a super sparkly vampire when I’m writing on business documents or signing checks with my fountain pen!

In terms of the recent inks I’ve reviewed, Blue Sky Shimmer is a bit like Vinta Ink Salimbay in terms of intensity. But Salimbay leans a bit more purple, and that shimmer is all pink. Between the two, I might be partial to Salimbay. These two are definitely the lightest and most ethereal looking of the inks I’ve tested so far, and probably come closest to Pantone’s Very Peri. What do you think?

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