See You in St. Louis?

We are just weeks away from the Saint Louis Pen Show. This is the first show since 2019 the Well-Appointed Desk has had a table so you will know exactly where to find me. I will be bringing a full selection of Col-o-ring products, letterpress stationery, rubber stamps, stamp pads and vintage office supplies. I don’t plan on bringing any typewriters unless we have specific requests.

Jesi will once again be helping Dromgoole’s with their ink table.

Jesi and I will also being hosting a seminar All the Inks on Saturday at 2pm. If you have any ink related questions or topics you think we should cover in the seminar, leave a comment below and we will try to add it to the presentation.

And, of course, in the evenings, you may be able to spot Jesi and I hanging around the bar with lots of pens, inks and papers to try. Please come over and say hello. We don’t bite but we do like G&Ts.

If you have any pens that have been reviewed here on the blog that you might like to see in person, leave a comment and I’ll pack it in my trusty USPS “official use only” mail bucket.

I can’t wait to see everyone in person. Will you be there too?

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  1. I’ll be there! You and Jesi were some of rhe first folks I met at my first pen show, so I’m excited to see you guys and hang out if you have time!

  2. Can’t wait to see you in person. I’ll be there all weekend and look forward to sampling G&T at the bar.

  3. Can’t wait – it will be my first pen show other than Atlanta, and we’re bringing our pug along. I’d love to hang out with you & Jesi at the bar – like Jenn, you were one of the first people I met at my first pen show in Atlanta!

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