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Sometimes I get goofy ideas like “What if I shrunk all the ink bottle stamps and sold them as a set?” Is it a well-thought-out, market researched idea or is it just that I thought it might be cool? Much more the latter. So, I did it. I have just made a few sets because, like I said, this was a harebrained idea. But heck, maybe other people want teeny, tiny ink bottles to stamp in their planners, journals and letter?

The set ($40) includes four stamps, mounted on wood blocks: a tiny ink sample vial (1″ x 0.325″), the “Classique” ink bottle stamp and Ink Bottle (short) (both measure 1″x1″), and the tall faceted bottle stamp  (1.5″ x 0.75″).

Mini Ink Bottle Rubber Stamp Set on Col-o-ring Cards

For scale, I stamped each new mini stamp on a Col-o-ring card. The Calssique bottle is actually the same size as the original full-sized stamp. Everything else has been miniaturized. The goal was to make the stamps more convenient for people who track their inks in journals or notebooks as well as being useful on your Col-o-ring cards to indicate if you have a bottle or just a sample of your ink.

Mini Ink Bottle Rubber Stamp Set on Col-o-ring Dippers

The same stamps do fit on Dipper cards but it’s a bit more of a tight fit.

Mini Ink Bottle Rubber Stamp Set

Just for size comparison, the new mini  ink bottle and sample vial stamps are at the top and my very used, very well-loved full-sized ink bottle and sample vial stamps are at the bottom.

The Mini Ink Bottle Set is also available on Etsy.

Should I miniaturize or maximalize something else in the shop? Are there other ink bottle shapes you’d like to see? Where will you stamp these?

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