Notebook Review: Odyssey Notebooks (Tomoe River 68gsm)

Odyssey Notebook Cover with elastic

Want to get me in my happy place? Mix 68gsm Tomoe River paper with something stellar/space themed and then tell me its a BRAND NEW notebook.

I have searched for this image so many times over the last week. 100% the best pen community meme yet. And 100% true. (from jennibick on instagram)

We always need a new notebook. What if we start a new project? Or a new job? Or decide to completely redo how we are planning, journaling, etc? We need to have a spare notebook on hand. We can’t WAIT for one to arrive or, heaven forbid, have to trek out to buy one at a moment’s notice. I mean we don’t wait until we run out of ink to buy another bottle, right? Same thing applies with notebooks.

Odyssey Notebook - cover detail

Like I said, when I am thinking about what kinds of notebooks I want to have in my “emotional support stack” 68gsm Tomoe River notebooks are always at the top of the list. Odyssey Notebooks makes an array of notebook options but focuses on A5 and pocket notebooks presently. The A5 notebooks are available in 200- and 400-page hardcover books and an epic 500-page softcover book. Most notebooks are available with 5mm dot grid, 7mm lined or blank options. All hardcovers feature stunning space-themed foil stamping on the cover.

Odyssey notebooks also did a special 160gsm collab with Cooper Calligraphy to create a limited collection of tarot card themed notebooks. I have not gotten to try the 160gsm premium paper but its definitely on my “next notebook” list.

Odyssey Notebook - ribbon

The A5 hardcover notebooks feature two ribbon bookmarks, a vertical elastic strap, a gusseted pocket in the back for ephemera and numbered pages, even in the blank version. The hardcover notebooks feature a foil stamped image on the cover — planets, supernovas and other stellar artwork which was created by the owner of the company. A woman of many talents!

This is the back of the A5 softcover 500-page dot grid notebook. The cover is a matte, woven texture cardstock that is glued to the interior flysheet for extra thickness. It seems pretty durable and feels nice in the hand though I suspect anyone using a 500-page notebook may need a more durable cover since it will take quite some time to use all 500-page.

Both the hardcover and softcover notebooks have the company info debossed on the bottom edge of the back cover. That’s just the right amount of branding.

All the notebooks are well-stitched and feel durable and quality.

The Pocket-Sized Notebook:

Odyssey Notebook detail

The pocket notebooks (3.5 x 5.5″) feature 72 pp, dot grid and a soft, leatherette cover in an array of colors with a little satellite embossed in the lower right hand corner. They, of course, use 68gsm Tomoe River paper.

Odyssey Notebook - Dots

I did find the dots in the pocket notebooks to be a bit larger and darker than in the A5 sized notebooks. They are still printed in a light grey so they are not too noticeable but I thought I’d note the difference here. There are no pages numbers in the pocket notebook.

A5 Blank:

The A5 hardcover notebook uses the same type of non-leather leatherette for the cover which is soft to the touch and hold the foil stamp details beautifully.

This is my go-to notebook in terms of paper style. I love a blank notebook that i can use a guidesheet under. The 68gsm is that sweet spot between being transparent enough to use a guidesheet while also being opaque enough to be able to use both sides of the paper. the 68gsm Tomoe River shows most ink characteristics while improving dry time when compared to the 52gsm variety.

I know lots of people prefer the 52gsm Tomoe River but I’m delighted that I can still find and use the 68gsm.

A5 Lined Insert:

I also tested a 7mm lined Cahier-style notebooks ($8 each). These are A5-sized with 48pp and use the same 68gsm Tomoe River paper as the larger notebooks. These are perfect for the A5-sized Traveler’s Notebook set-ups.

The lines are an unobtrusive grey and not too thick. Even with extra fine gel pens, I still see the writing before I notice the lines which is my litmus test for lined, graph or dot grid papers.

There was no bleed through with any of the tools I tested and minimal showthrough.

Page Numbers:

Odyssey Notebook - page numbers blank

The orbit lines around the page numbers is fun and unique and not too intrusive. I love that they included page number on the blank edition as well. Often, if I request a blank notebook, its 100% blank. It’s nice to have page numbers so that I can, if I choose, add a table of content or other index to find my content later.

Odyssey Notebooks -- page numbers dot
These are the small dots in the A5 notebook versus the larger in the pocket notebook shown earlier in the review.

Odyssey Notebooks -- page numbers lined

Final Thoughts:

If you haven’t tried the thicker  68gsm Tomoe River paper yet, I think the notebooks from Odyssey are a great place to start. Odyssey Notebooks is a WOC business headquartered in Maryland and makes great products… as if you needed another reason to invest in a few more emotional support notebooks.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Odyssey Notebooks for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I love the look of these! And of course, the paper. I’m still trying to figure out how I might use a 500-page notebook. That’s hefty. Thanks for this and all your reviews, Ana!

    1. Well, if you do a page a day dot journal like I do, you could probably use a whole 500-page book in a little more than a year. I plan to try to use one for 2023. Page per day plus extras for really busy days, extra lists (books I read, movies to watch, etc ). Totally doable. Right?

  2. I’m with you. I actually prefer the 68 gsm tomoe river notebooks and Odyssey Notebooks are my favorites for all the reasons you mentioned. Mainly, the paper AND the beautiful artwork and notebook covers that just feels awesome. It opens flat and comes in blank, dotted or line. I have all types for different reasons. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am pretty sure that when I talked to the company fonder, she said she was using the last of the original Tomoe River 68gsm. However, its my understanding that the thicker Tomoe River paper was not as affected by the change in manufacturing as the thinner 52gsm has been.

  3. The 500 page softcover is typical of what I buy for journaling, though I usually go for the 52 gsm. What I don’t think you mentioned, and I have a question about is: do the pages lay flat? That’s a lot of pages to struggle with, otherwise.

  4. Hi Ana, I think we are notebook kindred cousins. I love space themed stationery. I got a Coop brand James Webb Space Telescope notebook when it showed up back in stock at Amazon. The paper isn’t Tomoe River, but space themed, check.

    I recently ordered a Fringe company Travel Notebook even though I’m in no position to travel now. But in the future, it will be a good notebook.

    I’ll be checking out the Odyssey notebooks, most likely pocket size. Like other posters, I’m not sure what I’d do with a 500 page notebook.

  5. I recently bought several of their hardcover 68gsm notebooks during their birthday sale and tossed in a few pocket notebooks. I prefer 68gsm TRP and these are dreamy to write in! The covers are lovely as well.

  6. Did you notice that the paper felt different from other TR 68gsm paper? Compared to my Goulet notebooks and Taroko Enigma, the Odyssey paper feels thicker and less floppy to me.

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