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Many of you may already be aware that Vanness Pens was not at the DC Pen Show nor will they be attending the SF Pen Show. Lisa’s daughter, Lauren, was taken ill a few weeks ago and the illness was swift and incurable. On Saturday, they held a memorial service in her honor. Of course, now is when the real struggle begins as Lisa and her family must figure out how to survive and continue after such a sudden and unexpected loss.

For more information about helping the Vanness family, please watch Lisa’s video.

Since I usually help Lisa at pen shows, I will not be at the SF Pen Show either. My apologies to everyone who I had promised to visit with in SF but, under the circumstances, I am sure you can understand why the trip was not possible.



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  1. This just hurts to the core. Dallas is the one and only show possible for me and the Vanness booth became a destination because of the WAD 🙂 . I made purchases at the shows and online, while dreaming of attending the Arkansas show. My last show was 2019, before covid ruined everything, and the big purchase that year was a Galen Leather writing box from Vanness. Gotta honour Lisa’s request with old fashioned analogue correspondence.

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