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As we move into the first official week of September, new planners are being unveiled left and right and its time for us all to get back to work or back to school. Whether you work from home or travel to an office, workshop, warehouse, shop or other locale, you need a place to stow your precious pens, planners, notebooks and other tools. What’s your favorite bag, tote, or backpack?

I waffle between my Rickshaw Bagworks Soho Tote and a Fjällräven Kånken Totepack.  I can fit my laptop into the Kånken Totepack but it’s an entirely black bag so it is a deep black hole where many items get lost at the bottom. The Soho Tote is easier to find items with all the pockets on the inside and the more horizontal shape but its not big enough when I need to schlep my laptop around. How often do you switch bags?

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  1. I rotate pretty frequently between my Peg&Awl Little Rogue (tan color), Finch satchel (navy color), and their tote (all black). I have sooo many other bags, but I find these three are the perfect sizes for me and can match my outfits pretty well regardless of whether I am all-black or more colorful.

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