Link Love: It’s beginning to look a lot like Gift Guide!

Link Love

While I am excited about the release of the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide episode of the Pen Addict Podcast, there has also been other events this week worth noting.

Laura recorded the 400th episode of her YouTube vlog, The Corner of Knit & Tea. That’s a lot of knitting. And tea!

Pantone, though they are near the bottom of my shit list for the shenanigans they pulled this year removing support within the Adobe apps, is on the cusp of announcing their “color of the year”. Should I care? No. Will I discuss and consider at great length? Yes. Stupid, Pantone. Pretty, PITA, Pantone.

Pencils are “in the news” this week — at least in our world. Yeah!

Birmingham Pen company got featured in an article in the NYTimes!

Pelikan raised their prices and Rachel’s Reflections gives advice to slow spending. Both of these make me reconsider what I buy and how much I need. It’s timely to consider our spedndgin particularly at the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year. Maybe I should use what I already have to document and appreciate the people and animals in my life?

Love AnaAnd Modern Daily Knitting recommends the Never Gonna Give You Up episode of the podcast Song Exploder. And since I now got the song stuck in your head, you might as well go listen to the episode.

You’re welcome.




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