Inkmas Day 10: Dominant Industry for Wonder Pens (Tuna Grey & Ginger Chicken)

If there’s one thing I love more than fountain pens, it would have to be cats. So, when I heard about the Wonder Pens signature ink collaboration with Dominant Industry to immortalize their beloved cats with ink, I could not resist.

(I must paws — pun! —  here to admit that these inks are already sold out but it took awhile for me to get them all the way from Canada! So I apologize for tempting you with feline-inspired inks that are no longer available. I couldn’t, however, let an opportunity to talk about ink and cats pass me by.)

Dominant Industry Ginger Chicken ($17 for a 25ml bottle) was inspired by the first cat to wander into the Wonder Pens world. The ginger tabby, named Chicken, has been a loyal companion for the family and shop since 2016. Since the Desk HQ also has a loyal ginger tabby, I have been a follower of Chicken’s adventures and a lover of that particular shade of orange that is the classic ginger cat.

In writing, I find that the Ginger Chicken ink is a bit darker than I expected. It reminds me more of ground ginger spices, or nutmeg. Maybe the spices blended for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. And there’s nothing wrong with that toasted orange color at all. But it’s not the color of a ginger cat, IMHO. Maybe in a finer nib pen, the ink will look a little lighter but in my wider stub nib, the ink is not what I was hoping for.

In comparison, Ginger Chicken is in the same family as J. Herbin Cafe des Iles, Monarca Tierra Colorada and Diamine Roasted Chestnut. Since these other inks are readily available, maybe you won’t be so sad that Ginger Chicken is sold out?

Dominant Industry Tuna Grey ($17 for 25ml), was inspired by a stray tabby named Tuna that arrived at Wonder Pens in 2021. Once Tuna worked his way into Chicken’s heart, the Chans had another family member. And we get the chance at a beautiful grey ink. Tuna is similar in color to several of the furballs that take up residence here at Desk HQ so I knew it would be a color I loved. Not to mention a general penchant for grey ink. Who knew grey inks would be one of my favorite colors?

Tuna Grey leans neutral with subtle hints of both purple and a hint of brown — it can almost appear multi-chromatic depending on the paper. Where some popular grey inks are clearly warm or cool (Nick Stewart Twilight Black is warm, Diamine Earl Grey is purply cool grey, Organic Studio Arsenic Grey is blue grey and Kaweco Smokey Grey leans slighty greenish). Isn’t it crazy how unique each grey is?

While I would never play favorites between the two cats, I will have to say that I prefer Tuna Grey ink to the Ginger Chicken color only because I had a preconceived idea about what color Ginger Chicken should be.

I am jealous I didn’t think of creating inks inspired by the shop interns here at the Desk too. If anything, I feel like the revenue generated might help to pay their epic food and litter bills! Maybe next year? Pepper Black? Ollie Orange? Lucy Moonbeam? Zoey Stardust? Hey, Robert Oster, Colorverse or Dominant Industry, give me holler! Let’s make this happen!

Chicken & Tuna photo borrowed from the announcement post on Wonder Pens’ blog.

For more adventures of Wonder Pens shop cats, check out their Instagram. Maybe they will even announce a re-release of the inks?


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