Inkmas Day 3: Colorverse Kingdom Series Taepyeong Seongdae

I think ink names are getting a little long. Today’s ink is Colorverse Kingdom Project Series 019 – Taepyeong Seongdae ($13.50 for a 30ml bottle). The color is a tribute to Korean history though I know little else about the specifics of this ink and the association of the color to Korean history.

What I can tell you is that it is another in a long line of inks I’ve purchased in an attempt to find my signature yellow-green ink. Jesi will often hand me ink samples and ask, “What about this one?” and I have to be very specific “too yellow”, “too bright”, “too muddy” or “too light”, for example.

Taepyeong Seongdae is a close contender as  the ink is a darker yellow-green without edging into a pine or forest green (too blue) hue. In a wider nib, Taepyeong Seongdae is a bit darker than I would like but in a fine or extra fine nib the color does not become too light to be useable. It has real potential though its a hair muddier than I would hope for. Overall it meets many of my ridiculously specific requests for a yellow-green ink.

It shades a good deal but does not show any sheening.

The closest ink color in my collection was the similarly named Kingdom Note Olive.Penlux Pine and Sailor Rikyu-Cha both lean a bit more brownish but are closer than the dozens of other yellow-green inks in my collection which tend to go more grassy or lime in color.

I’d say its a tie between Taepyeong Seongdae and Kingdom Note Olive. I reall ythink I need to make my own yellow-green ink at some point but I think I’m the only one who would want it.


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  1. True, though I find Kokeiro the least dry. I use them mostly in my wettest pens and Kokeiro gives me great shading.

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