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Is anyone else thrown off by Christmas falling over a weekend this year? I feel incredibly ill-prepared. Maybe it’s two years of pandemic or a new job or four new cats in my life but I am just having a hard time believing that Christmas is only two weeks away. Any tips for getting the holiday spirit in a hot minute?




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  1. I hope you get replies. I hurt my right back/hip area taking care of my Mom. Now I can hardly do anything easily. I can’t go to the basement where the gifts are waiting to be wrapped. That’s also where the laundry is done. I can’t bend down without pain, but I can reach up. Little things, that are so easy, are now not easy. I kind of doubt I could get in the car to see a doctor about my injury. I’m hoping I’ll get better in time to go down to get the gifts. Otherwise I might have to ask the neighbors or friends. Hardly feeling the holiday spirit.

  2. Under-prepared here, too! Finally got a bit in the mood by stringing colored lights around our livingroom window (on the inside). Skipping the tree — that’s how simplified we are this year! And yet still under-prepared! It’s OK, though… your priority should be drinking eggnog (or the equivalent), and everything else will go well!

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