On the first day of Inkmas…

This is my first post as a traveling reporter! I’m spending the weekend down in Houston, TX at the Dromgoole’s store and have had the worst time choosing an ink to feature today. Sitting in the midst of hundreds of inks, I find it very hard to focus on any single color. So I’ve chosen an all-time favorite of mine, Robert Oster Las Vegas.

I inked up the best TWSBI on the market – the glow-in-the-dark purple Eco pen – with Robert Oster Las Vegas as soon as the pen arrived. The two are the perfect combination. TWSBI Eco pens feature a transparent body so sparkle inks are even more fun – almost as good as a lava lamp.

I was very surprised when I first swatched Las Vegas – most purple inks are too blue, too pink, so dark that they look black, or so light they aren’t legible.

The sparkle is what makes Las Vegas so amazing, however. It’s hard to tell if the glitter is silver or purple with this ink, but it is perfect. The sparkle is fine enough to flow easily through a feed and it shows well while writing.

The above and below photos are on Cosmo Air Light paper, so the blue undertones are more obvious. Below is a different light angle to show the sparkle.

Tomoe River paper (TR7) shows a redder ink, but surprisingly darker. Typically, ink looks slightly lighter on TR paper than Cosmo Air Light paper.

The photo below is again on Tomoe River paper, angled so you can see the shimmer.

As I said before, most purple inks are too light or too dark. I knew Las Vegas was special when I wrote on wheat straw paper and the shade was still fabulous.

The shimmer shows up very well on this wheat straw booklet.

As the first post of the Inkmas season, I hope you love this quick look at Robert Oster Las Vegas! It doesn’t look too Christmassy, but it is absolutely great for any celebration.

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