Pen Review: Aechy Double-Headed Porous Pen & Curve Marker

You know how sometimes Amazon just has your number? I logged in a couple weeks ago and this funky little pen set was on my recommendations page. The set doesn’t have the sexiest name–  Aechy Double-Headed Porous Pen & Curve Marker ($13.99 at the time of this review)– but when noticed that one end was a rolling stamp and the other was a felt-tip pen, I couldn’t resist trying them out. Since I plan using a modified version of a bullet journal, every now and again, I like to embellish my pages with a little something extra and I thought this 8-pen set might be just the thing.

The larger capped end is the rolling stamp and the smaller cap covers the felt tip pen. The tip size on the felt tip pen is pretty comparably to a Marvy LePen, just in a slightly wider pen barrel.  Just the felt tip alone, for the price, is a decent value.

Of the eight different color markers, there are only five different rolling stamp designs: flowers, hearts, wavy lines, dot/dash and dotted line.

Because of the hard plastic used for the rolling stamp, the line can veer off suddenly. I would recommend rolling a bit slowly and maybe try following the line, grid of graph marks in your notebook.

Of the set, the yellow was really too light to use in even the brightest settings, especially on the sightly creamy colored MD Cotton paper I used for testing. I did try these out on toothier paper and the results were not as good. I think the stamp pens will work best on smoother paper stocks (i.e. Rhodia, Leuchtturm 1917, etc.). on the Midori MD Cotton, I didn’t have any issues with show through but YMMV.

The heart shape stamp pen, labelled “Love Line” on the pen barrel, was the hardest to get to roll evenly to show the whole design. Regardless of whether I rolled slowly or quickly, the hearts would skip or the centers would fill in. The dotted line and curved, wavy line worked the best. Since the dot/dash design is only on the super light-colored yellow marker, I won’t ever really get much use out of it. I wish the yellow marker had been one of the designs duplicated in another color — like the blue or purple.

Overall, for an essentially no-name product found randomly on Amazon, this pen set is fun. I certainly would prefer a set like this from one of the manufacturers I know like Pilot, Zebra, or Uni. I feel like then the quality and variety would be top-notch. But until that time that one of the Japanese pen behemoths decide to make a tool like this, we will have to settle for these markers. I will certainly be using the dotted line and curve line pens to add a bit of flourish to my daily pages.

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  1. If the plastic body of the pen is flexible enough, you might be able to swap out the roller stamps. I can’t tell from here how well the pen can take multiple swaps, but perhaps it would be good for a single swap.

    1. I was able to pull the roller ends off and swap them out but I think getting the ink to change to the darker or preferred color will require either rinsing the unit out or waiting for the color to change… maybe!

    2. Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for your question, this is Kathy from The rollers of our Curve Pen02 are not swappable at present.

      By the way, we will launch new products one after another, so stay tuned.
      Pls feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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