Product Review: Inky Converters Washi Tape Cards

I have been hoarding the delightful little set of business card-sized Washi Cards from Inky Converters ($2.50 for one card, $10 for a pack of 5) since the St. Louis Pen Show. These cards are foil-printed plastic with a matte finish that are designed to wrap strips of washi tape around for travel or for sharing with friends. Unfortunately, the design printed on the cards are not currently available in her shop but there are a couple other designs that are all equally as cute.

The grid lines printed on the cards help to keep your tape wraps parallel which I didn’t realize I needed until I started applying tape to the cards.

I wrapped tape two to three times around the card to give myself a “week’s worth”. I color coordinated the tape on this card to all look nice together and will probably wrap up some other color coordinated cards as well. The cards are sized to fit into the business card pocket on the inside of a Hobonichi or other planner covers.

I have so much washi that I will definitely wrap a few cards up to send to friends in an effort to help pare down my stash. Also, being able to easily carry around a bit of washi will help me use it up… at least I hope it will.

Sometimes, in my pen adventures I find an item I didn’t know I needed until I had it. These Washi Cards are just that type of product. I didn’t know I needed it and now I don’t think I could live without them.

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  1. I love Angela’s washi cards. They are a charming item to tuck into an envelope to add a surprise to a note or letter. They also make nice little straight-edges to have on hand in case one wants to draw lines while on the go.

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