Giveaway: Sailor 2023 Pen Show Exclusive Ink

Exclusive Pen Show inks and other goodies are the carrot to make us all feel massive massive amounts of FOMO but I decided to make sure someone in our community doesn’t suffer from FOMO by giving away a brand new bottle of the Sailor 2023 Pen Show Exclusive Ink.

Its a bright, vivid orange to help see you through the last grey days of winter. When compared to other oranges in my collection, I’d say its a bit brighter and happier than Sailor Apricot, if that’s possible. This ink will definitely show best with a wide nib to get all the shading,

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite orange ink is. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, February 24, 2023. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

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  1. My favorite ink is Kinmokusei also made by Sailor. This ink looks very similar to that one, but a little lighter almost orange creamsicle like. I dig it and I hope I win it.

  2. O this pen show ink looks great! My favorite orange ink is actually Sailor Jentle Apricot but I can’t stand the smell and it triggers my headaches. So I only use it in small doses and with finer nibs. I haven’t ink it up in awhile for the same reason. Been hoping to find another orange. I heard Montblanc’s Mandarin Orange is a good one and I hope to try that out.

  3. I’m gonna be a bit controversial – my favourite orange ink is Noodler’s Habanero. Never saw anything as vibrant as that colour, and any other ink that takes SO LONG to dry.

  4. I only have a couple orange inks, but the Edelstein Mandarin is great. I have just a small sample from the 2022 Pelikan Hub in KC though, so I have to dole it out carefully (or I could just buy a bottle…)

  5. My current favorite orange ink is unfortunately my only orange ink so far: Diamine Pumpkin. I absolutely love it (orange is the school color of my alma mater Oregon State U.) but I would love more oranges in my collection.

    Snagging this ink would also give me an excuse to get a wider nib for one of my pens, or even better, ANOTHER WHOLE PEN. Just for this orange. Like that’s unusual?

  6. I don’t have any orange inks so I would love to have this one. If I am honest, I had to google FOMO so I would hate to miss out on this giveaway.

  7. My favorite orange is…Diamine Orange. Just a middle of the road orange, but a nice one. I also like Diamine flamingo, if that can count as an orange, and Diamine Peach haze. There’s also Dialine pumpkin, but this one is too seasonal to be used year round 😀
    I didn’t try oranges from other brands yet, but Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin sure looks nice!

  8. My favorite orange ink – one I use nearly every day – is Diamine Sunset. I use it in a broad nib to edit my writing.

  9. I love orange but have to say Sailor Apricot and Relative cadmium are my top two. Akkerman Oranj Boven is my go to for a pen that is cranky with orange inks.

  10. I love the color orange, but I don’t have a favorite orange ink yet as they have tended to write much lighter than I expect. I couldn’t read my notes after a recent episode which made me swear off orange for note taking… I need an orange ink I can love.

  11. I have a few, but the Diamine Shimmertastic Rockin Rio is pretty amazing! Dark orange with gold shimmer, looks stunning on the page with a juicy nib!

  12. I like my Copperhead from Birmingham Ink, it’s an autumnal rusty orange. This looks like a wonderful spring option!

  13. Oh! Orange inks are my favorites! Has to be Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki. I’ve got it in several pens at the moment. It is gorgeous! Especially in those broad-nibbed pens. The color is wholly different from Monteverde Mandarin Orange, which was an early favorite, or Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-yake.

    Also worth noting: the apricot orange Pilot Petit1 is also fun.

    Still mourning the loss of Sailor Jentle Apricot, which I never had the opportunity to try.

    Thank you for the opportunity to try this ink, Ana!


  14. I don’t have a favorite orange ink yet. I’m still new to fountain pens and struggling to get over the mental blocks that say inks have to be black or blue. I love the idea of an orange ink, though. ^_^

  15. Orange is my siren song. Between the 10+ orange pens that I own and the multiple bottles of orange ink I think my favorite would have to be Birmingham Pen Co. Relative Cadmium I’m my Sailor Habanero pen.

  16. Recently, have been reaching for Taccia Syaraku Koiame. But this post is a good reminder of the Jentle Apricot bottle in the back of the drawer! Thank you for this contest!

  17. Really orange ink puts e between a rock and a hard place.Truth is that I love Apache Sunset, but I bought it before I knew what a complete nut the Noodler guy is, and not the fun kind. So, do I discard it? I can’t. So, I bought J Herbin 1798 Fountain Pen Ink – Cornaline d’Egypte. Still I can’t bring myself to discard the Apache Sunset. In fairness, I use it more like a water color when making pictures with a brush than as a fountain pen ink … still.

  18. My favorite orange has always been Sailor Jentle Apricot! I have two of the 50 ml bottles saved up from before it got discontinued, then rereleased, then discontinued again, then…rereleased in smaller bottles.

  19. I have a few orange inks, but my favorites tend to be the more unusual ones, like Diamine Peach Haze and the peachy pinks ( pink oranges).

  20. I’m interested in winning because I’ve never had an orange ink… so picking a favorite is tough. I’ll defer to Brad and nominate Robert Oster’s Pen Addict “Fire on Fire” as my favorite.

  21. I don’t actually have much experience with orange inks – it’s not a color I typically gravitate to. However, I have enjoyed Diamine Candelight from the 2021 Inkvent. I would love to expand my pallet, though…

  22. Pilot Iroshizuku fuyu-gaki… a STUNNING orange…the transparency is delightful… and a pretty nice bottle 🙂

  23. Oooh, thank you for sharing! My favorite orange ink… years ago, there was a Kickstarter for a Heart of Gold pen ink, and I only l pledged for the ink because the pen was too much. That’s my favorite orange (I rarely use oranges) and it’s dark and rich.

  24. My favorite is Diamine Orange! It’s funny I tried so many different orange inks with fun and crazy names and it turns out the normal ol Diamine Orange is the standout one. It’s vibrant and looks awesome out of my tiny nibs.

  25. I havn’t tried any orange inks… but this looks like such a beautiful orange that I really want to start looking at more variety in the colors I use. I tend to mainly stick to purples.

  26. Sailor Manyo Sakura is my favorite orange, although it leans a bit soft & coral. On a quest to try more oranges this winter!

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