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While I didn’t pick up many new items while I was in LA at the California Pen Show, I did pick up a nasty head cold. Luckily, it was not COVID but it didn’t mean the pesky bug didn’t linger. I have been slowly coming back from the illness (are bugs getting stronger or am I getting weaker?) and managed to pass it along to Bob who is now fighting it off as well. I don’t thin the pen show can be entirely blamed for the cold. When I returned home, I discovered that several co-workers were out sick with various versions of the season funk too so clearly something is going around.

That said, my energy levels have been extraordinarily low and just handling day-to-day tasks has been a challenge. I am starting to feel better this week but yesterday was my full day back in the office and that was a huge physical undertaking after days in my jammies and only needing to get myself from the couch to the kitchen.

I did take time yesterday to back date a week of entries in my journal/planner and it all fit on one page. I think this is why I so appreciate the bullet journal/open log book method of time keeping. Some weeks, I need to pre-write the whole week on multiple pages to keep track of all the minutiae and then there are weeks, like last week, that I can summarize with “sick, in bed for days”.

How do you handle your planner or journal when things go off the rails?

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