Pen Review: Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen 2020 Colors (12-Color Set)

On Friday, I talked about how much I love the Sai Watercolor Brush Pens. What I realized recently is how much I also love the Pentel Fude Brush Sign Pens. I have had one or two of this pens floating around the Desk and frequently reach for them for my daily journal and planning needs but really wanted to have more than just a couple colors so I ordered the 2020 New Color 12-color set ($23) from JetPens.

Like with the Sai Watercolor Brush Pens, the range of colors in the 2020 New Color set featured some unique, non-standard colors so I was very excited to try this set.

The Pentel Fude Brush Sign Pens feature to bullet-shaped, felt-tip style tips housed in a plastic cap. The pens I’ve had floating around the office, I’ve had for months, maybe even years and are regularly used and have not frayed or gotten cruddy so I do tend to recommend these to anyone looking for a more brush pen-look marker. These are particularly good for folks with a heavy hand since these pens have a stiffer brush than the Sai pens.

Some of the colors in this set are quite light. The Pale Blue is even more pale in person than in the photo above but the other colors are all really lovely. The Light Grey will probably get used more for underlining or decoration rather than actually writing titles. The Olive Green is CHEF’S KISS for me. The Blue-Black and Turquoise Green will also get a lot of use for me.

The real joy is how lovely this pen makes my script look. We all have pens that make our handwriting look better and this, for me, is one of those. As such, I will extoll their virtues for years to come.

All these pens are available for individual purchase ($2.50 each)  if you want to cherry pick your favorite colors.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I am trying to figure out if the ink quality from these pens is suitable for final art work in terms of longevity or archival ness and fade proofing and if they can be sold on. I know that they are watersoluable. Have you ever needed to seal the artwork and if so what was the method used? Your thoughts?

    1. Based on the price and the marketing, I do not think these pens are archival or fade-resistant. If used for artwork, they are probably better for reproduction than original art.

      I know that Winsor & Newton make watercolor brush pens that use their watercolor ink and are more likely to be indicated for fade resistance.

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