Fountain Pen Giveaway: Enigma Stationery Nahvalur Exclusive ‘Brilliant Bunny’ Nautilus Fountain Pen

Enigma Stationery released an exclusive pen from Nahvalur in honor of the Lunar New Year, the  ‘Brilliant Bunny’ Nautilus Fountain Pen ($295). This pen features a classic Chinese New Year colorway with a red blank accented with teal, blue, and purple sparkle. The hardware is gold to coordinate with the 14K nib.

The Nautilus pen design features porthole windows around the barrel, just below the cap that allows the user to see the ink piston inside. Ahoy, ink matey!

In the past we’ve reviewed other Nahvalur (formerly Narwhal) designs like the Key West and the Voyage. The design of the Voyage is similar in terms of build and size. The porthole windows being the only distinct visual difference in the two models. The big upsell on the Brilliant Bunny is the 14k nib.

The 14k nib is specially engraved for this limited edition. I love with waves around the edge of the nib. Unfortunately, the only nib size available for this special edition is M but there’s enough tipping material that it could be ground to a finer size, if desired.  We did not want to ink this up so that it would be pristine for the winner but we did “dry test” it to get a feel for the nib. The 14k nib has a bit of spring to it but it is not a flex nib. It will be a very expressive nib, reacting to the amount of pressure the writer applies.


  • Capped: 6″
  • Uncapped:  5.25″

The Nautilus does not post.


  • Capped: 31gms
  • Uncapped: 17gms

The cap is heaver than I expected but since it can’t be posted it won’t throw the balance of the pen off.

pen weight comparison chart

There have only be 50 of the Brilliant Bunny pens made and we are fortunate to have one to giveaway to a lucky reader. If you want to guarantee that you’ll be a proud owner of one of these pens, hop over to Enigma Stationery and order yours today.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us what your Chinese Zodiac sign is. If you don’t know, make one up. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give themonkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, March 17, 2023 (St. Patrick’s Day — oh, the irony!). All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Enigma Stationery for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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    1. That’s a gorgeous pen! I’m the year of the monkey. I would love if there was a year of the platypus though

  1. What a lovely pen for this year’s Zodiac! My zodiac sign happens to be the dog and it is very fitting as I am very loyal and very much a dog person. My Irish side of the family’s motto is “Rampaging Dog”. Heres to hopping into the New Year!

  2. I’m a rat! Not a cute bunny or a fierce tiger. A rat!
    Still, I would like to win the pen.

  3. My sign is the dog. Which I choose to use as my explanation for having all the puppies! Ok, not all of them. But enough.

    1. My Chinese zodiac is the Shetland pony. Short of stature but tall of personality and rather noisy.

    2. I’m a fire monkey, like Tom Hanks. 2023 is not supposed to be a very lucky year for me, but I’m hoping that won’t hurt my chances!

  4. Thank you, Ana! Love the Narwhal pens and should have an elephant’s sufficiency as is. But with a 14k nib?!? YES, PLEASE!

    Me? Between Tiger and Rabbit. Is that Tibbit?

  5. My sign is the Horse. Did you know that the Vietnamese have the Year of the Cat instead of the Rabbit? No one knows exactly why the lore is that the older Chinese pronunciation of rabbit sounded similar to the sound a cat makes in the Vietnamese language. Which coincidentally is what we call at cat in Vietnamese, meo

  6. Thanks for the giveaway — that looks like one beautiful pen! I think my Chinese zodiac sign is the snake; if I were to make one up/choose my own, it would be a seahorse (a colorful one!).

  7. Aloha Ana! Wow, what a beautiful pen! I have a few Nahvalur/Narwhal pens, but not a Nautilus or Key West models. As for your question of my zodiac sign, I’m a Dog and from what I remember, I am a perfect fit! Mahalo, Thomas

  8. What a lovely pen!

    My Chinese zodiac sign is the horse, and that’s always been meaningful to me.

  9. My Chinese sign is the Ox and I’m out zodiac I was born in the sign of Taurus so that makes me doubly tenacious. I keep entering giveaways.

  10. My favorite is the Cat, which doesnt exist. But I recommend you watch the Fruits basket anime for more information 🙂

  11. I’m a rat! Which I’m trying to embrace; I’m clever and industrious! But as a kid I always envied the rest of my family’s signs whenever we are at a Chinese restaurant with the zodiac placemats The pen is absolutely gorgeous! What a great offer!

    1. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the rabbit. The ‘waskly wabbit’ kind that Elmer Fudd attempts to shot.

  12. Hello! I am a tiger under the Chinese Zodiac and I’m also a Leo. As I get older, I don’t think I am a tiger or a Leo. My spirit animal is now more akin to a being a sloth.

  13. My Chinese zodiac is the rabbit and I’m hoping with its traits of being lucky it will make me lucky enough to win this beautiful pen! Also I don’t own a red pen and would love to add one to my collection 🙂

  14. I was born in the year of the Snake! Personality traits: Clever, curious, alluring, wise, anxious, calculating, jealous

  15. what a beautiful pen… and it sparkles too 🙂 my wife would die for a pen like this one!

    I am a Monkey.

  16. My rabbit butt is very happy to have cycled back to my zodiac sign this year. And to have such a gorgeous tribute pen is amazing. I’d love to win, please may the odds be in my favor I like never win anything

  17. I’m the year of the rabbit. Also, I’m a submariner, so I feel like a pen named the Nautilus is meant for me. Haha. Beautiful pen.

  18. I am 100% a rooster. I wish I was an early bird like a rooster! Is there are zodiac chart that has the owl as a sign? I would be a match for that.

  19. I am a gold rabbit (1951), apparently. Sounds pretty cool and I love rabbits. Where I live now (Fargo, ND) I have cottontails and arctic hares who come to visit on my patio…and grey partridges.

    I’ve never owned a pen with a gold nib, love red, and would be excited to win! 🙂

  20. I’m a rooster, but I think I’m more accurately a dragon, as I hoard shiny things. Maybe a crow.

  21. I’m an ox! But I was born in January so I thought I was a tiger until last year …. It was just heat breaking …

  22. This pen is ridiculously pretty! And I’m a fan of M nibs – if I’m using a fountain pen I want to see some ink, baby.

    I’m probably a dog, but I could be a rooster (the Chinese New Year doesn’t seem to exactly align with a western calendar). As a dog, I would like more naps, please!

  23. I live the red pen. I think I’m a rabbit—it was my husband’s term of endearment for me when we were dating. Would love to win that red pen. And I like medium nibs.

  24. What a gorgeous pen! I’m the year of the goat (or sheep, I suppose; 羊 can go either way, but I like goats more).

  25. Mine would be the year of the Rat. I prefer my regular zodiac sign which is Taurus. Would your money’s like some Bananas? We can start a go fund me page for them to get done Bananas ☺️

  26. I’m a horse, but don’t we all want to be dragons?!?

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  27. What a cool looking pen! I have no idea what my Chinese zodiac sign is so I making one up and going with something I enjoy…. my sign is the Kung Pao Shrimp. 🙂

  28. I am a Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, so this should be my year – I hope. Actually I think of myself as more of a hare, somewhat wilder than a rabbit and with more mythical aspirations. Gorgeous pen, love your blog!

  29. I was born in a Rabbit year. I have read descriptions of each sign, thinking they’re all pretty much the same. But, I have to admit Rabbit is one of two signs that I think describe me best.

    Generous giveaway. I love the little porthole ink windows.

  30. Year of the Tiger, baby! And I went to a college whose mascot was a Tiger. And I love orange pens and black pens. But I’ve never seen a tiger-striped pen!

  31. Wow what a giveaway! Thank you for hosting this!

    I’m a ram! Or a sheep when I’m feeling cute 😀

  32. I’m pretty sure I’m a snake. Like, not for real, and not character wise, just the year I was born in

  33. Gorgeous pen!! I was born in the year of the horse, but deep inside I know I’m really a chicken—I just love the Chinese ideogram for it because it actually looks like a chicken.

  34. I had to look up my sign — again. No matter how many placemats I have read in my life, I never remember, but I am a Water Tiger. What happens when one’s sign is an animal to which one is allergic?

    I suspect my true sign might be Kleenex.

  35. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Ox. When I was a kid, this really bummed me out: Dragon was an option, and I got stuck with Ox? (I was equally disappointed with my European zodiac sign: Libra. The one sign that’s an inanimate object!)

  36. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig. Or the Rooster, depending on which zodiac you ascribe to.

  37. I honestly didn’t know before looking it up, but I was apparently born in the year of the dog.

  38. What a beautiful pen!

    I’m a Rabbit and thought Yay! My year at last. But reading the Chinese horoscopes, being in your year isn’t automatically lucky but the time to chill.

    So, here I am, sitting quietly.

  39. I am a water dog according to Chinese zodiac. I’ll go fetch that stick in the water. I like to keep an open mind on most things, including birth charts and zodiac interpretation. Thank you

  40. What a gorgeous pen and a generous giveaway. I was born in the year of the Rooster, but of course I could lie and say the year of the Rabbit…to better match the giveaway theme. However I am a Fire Rooster so that does match the color at least. Just a side note, I love this brand of pens, although the ones I own are back from when they had the (cooler) Narwhal name. Oh well! I will wish myself luck for this giveaway and will stop talking now. P.S. This is the first time I looked up my Chinese zodiac sign and it turns out the Rooster is a talkative sort, which is the BEST way to describe me.

  41. I was born in the year of the rat and I turned 5 this year so I hope I win! That would be super special and this pen is gorgeous!! I love Narwhal (Nahvalur) pens and have four of them.

  42. My sign is the Dog. this doesn’t surprise me because I have been involved with dogs and rescue all my life. Great looking pen I would love to have

  43. My sign is the Dog, something my little sister thought was hysterical when we were growing up.

  44. My real Chinese zodiac sign is the ox, but I like to think it’s the yeti.

  45. I was born in the year of the Monkey. My mother, sister, and stepmother are all boars; my father is a rat.

  46. I was born in the year of the dog, but my brother was a rabbit. It made for some interesting sibling rivalries.

  47. Such a pretty pen- perfect choice of colors and love the patterns engraved in the nib!

    My Chinese zodiac is a rooster!

  48. I believe my sign is the chipmunk! Noisy and moving from one place to another with top speed!

  49. I’m a goat because I am the GOAT (greatest of all time in the lingo of the youths)…or am I a black sheep. I actually don’t really know what I am because the Chinese symbol is translate as both goat or sheep. Not really sure why, those are definitely two different animals the last I checked. Than again, I’m not a farmer and don’t have any farm themed children’s books to fact check.

  50. I was born in the year of the Monkey. I enjoyed your sense of humor and will wait patiently for my entry to appear. I don’t want to annoy the monkeys and you should pay them more. (yes-I am hoping that my sweet talk will result in them giving me a few more entries) 🙂

  51. I had to Google it just now, but I’m an Ox and married to a rat, which apparently means we are compatible. After over a decade of being married and having children together, I’m relieved we are compatible.

  52. My sign is the mouse (or rat, but mouse sounds cuter). Doesn’t sound so great, but I came to learn they were the first animal to complete the race (yeah, I think it’s because they cheated and rode the horse? ox? over the river and then ran on first to cross the line). I didn’t realize until recently that there are also elements associated with your signs for different years. Mine is wood which is also interestingly enough the first element in their cycle. (Double firsts, does that mean I win? Along with everyone else born that year?) Apparently that indicates I’m principled (I think so) and charming (not so sure about that one).

  53. I am a rat, which is totally cool. Ats are resilient, social, and intelligent. Rat’s have gotten an undeserved bad reputation throughout history due to an unfortunate association with the plague, a disease not only initially carried by humans but which had a bigger mortality among rats btw so stop blaming us.

    1. My little brother had a pet rat that he named Napoleon.
      I would say that rats are extremely under-rated. Napoleon house-trained himself and didn’t chew on things other than what we gave him so we let him free run in the house. He would come running to you whenever he heard his name mentioned, even if you were in the opposite corner of the house. What a good little dude, miss him.

  54. 1970 Year of the Dog
    What a stunner of a pen. I’ve never been much of a red person, but the glint of gold really sets that one off, and the nib is a perfect compliment.

  55. I am under the horse sign, and I think that tracks pretty well because I am a creative unicorn.

  56. Year of the rooster which is wild seeing as my last name means rooster in Italian 😮

  57. I’m a rooster, though totally not a morning person. What, I can crow at 11, right?

  58. Seems I am “Rooster” and my lucky direction is south and south-east.
    With all the snow this winter in the northern US, this is actually correct

  59. I’m year of the pig, which has always sounded kind of lame to me. Yet year of the boar (same word, different translation i guess?) sounds metal af. Words are weird!
    Anyway looks like a cool pen, thanks for sharing!

  60. This excited rabbit thanks you for the opportunity to add this beauty to her collection!

  61. I’m an Ox in the Chinese zodiac, witch make me a strong one.
    Love my only Navalhur fountain pen, would be delight to have another.

  62. My Chinese birth sign is the Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, little ball of fur, Happy Kitty, Pretty Kitty… Purr-Purr-Purr.

  63. The pen is absolutely beautiful. It’s easy to tell that the red is a Chinese red. Red is the color for celebration. Anyone who receives the pen will be very happy and do a happy dance. Good luck to all who comment. I was born in the year of the Rooster.

  64. I like to say that I am a rooster, but, to my chagrin, all those placemats at Chinese restaurants say it’s “cock.”

  65. My sign is the Snake. That’s a gorgeous looking pen! I bought my wife the Year of the Rabbit in white. I’d love to have this one for myself!

    Thank you for the opportunity, y’all are very generous.

    Good luck everyone!

  66. Let’s hear it for this beautiful pen, the Well-Appointed Desk, and the year of the Rabbit

  67. My Chinese Zodiac is that of an Earth Dragon. This pen looks like it would add a flaming shot of life to my existence after too many melancholic days.

  68. My zodiac is the horse. I seen to like sleep a bit much for the zodiac with an “energetic” personality!

  69. Gorgeous pen!
    I am a boar – wood I believe, if we want to get specific. I used to have a book on the zodiac that I read cover to cover so many times. Never knew where it came from!

  70. My zodiac sign is the dog. Boring! I wish it was something more interesting, like the red panda.

  71. I know I am Year of The Horse. I do not know what element so I will just be a water horse

  72. I’m a Dragon! I very much love that it’s the only mythological creature in the chinese zodiac. ….Or is it? ☁️ I think the year of the dragon always falls on a leap year.

  73. Your highly-skilled team of monkeys will be bananas to know I was born in the Year of the Monkey. I have double happiness—writing poetry and practicing calligraphy. This beautiful pen is my favorite color, the auspicious color, red! So “three” reasons this pen would be well-loved and used with reverence: words, writing, (w)red. The w is silent in red. (Wink). Three means “to live” or “life” in Chinese (if internet sources are to be trusted).

    #Nautilus #FountainPens #Nahvalur

  74. I was born in the year of the dog, and nothing could be more true. I’m loyal to a fault and love getting pets… lol.

  75. It looks as though I’m a pig. Which explains my fondness for mud baths and my cute curly tail, but makes my love of pork ribs deeply disturbing.

  76. I was browsing looking for interesting pens and found this article by sheer luck! This is such a beautiful pen, is this giveaway international? If it is, I’d love to participate all the way from Mexico. I am a Rat by the way, best sign of them all, at least for me

  77. Such a nice prize! Thank you for the opportunity to win it. I learned I am a fire rooster. This fact was welcomed since for some reason I thought I was born in the year of the rat, which never sat well with me. I really enjoyed entering this contest and gaining a little insight into my personality.

  78. I am the purple unicorn. Extremely rare and very valuable if found/caught. Not really, I am a goat. And goats are ok. But just ok. Not anywhere near as interesting and exotic as a purple unicorn. Therefore, I choose the purple unicorn. And this purple unicorn thanks you for a chance to win an awesome pen.

  79. By the year of my birth, I am a boar.

    But because of my attention to detail, many would say I’m a bore.

  80. I’m a Rooster….. and then gave birth to a Rooster; how cool is that?! Now, my Rooster is trying so hard to make sure that her little Rabbit makes its entry without the complications that have caused previous pain.

  81. Good day! I was born in the year of the rooster. I wish I had the tendency to rise early. Love your blog.

  82. My sign is the Rat. I cannot stand your garden variety sewer rats but love many rat-looking animals like bats, raccoons, and yep, pet mice.

  83. 83 makes me a… Pig…
    self-disciplined, straightforward, gentle, calm, quick in mind, and thirsty for knowledge… I can live with that!
    This pen is gorgeous, luck to all!

  84. Apparently I am an Ox. I can assure you my wife would agree based on trying to share the kitchen at the same time!

  85. Barely (New Years Eve) the year of the rabbit, which is perhaps why my fountain pens reproduce at such an alarming rate…
    (Okay realistically they reproduce because of a deep enjoyment of writing by hand and a tendency toward introversion that inhibits my leisure expenses) though this is way outside my typical price range.

    Given recent news stories about forced monkey labor, I’m concerned for the comment primates… I hope they’re compensated for their work… 😛

  86. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the rabbit. But if I was able to pick my own, I might pick the Jabberwock. “The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”

  87. My zodiac sign is the tiger! Great review, huge fan of Nahvalur, would love to add this to the collection.

  88. I was born in the year of the dog. Somewhere I read my element is water based on the year I was born (1982). And coincidentally, I am a Scorpio which is also a water sign. I’ve also been practicing tai chi (some might call it water bending lol) for 12 years. So winning a fountain pen just feels right lol I imagine if I was a dog I’d be a poodle since they are water retreivers and I’m fancy. You might be wondering what use I’d make of such a beautiful pen and I can promise you I have beautiful penmanship and it would rest in good hands. That all being said, I hope my reply was interesting and you’ll consider me. 🙂

  89. Year of the rat, 1984. I found this out while working at a Chinese restaurant. As a teen/young adult I wasn’t thrilled about being a rat. As I’ve grown older it seems to fit.

  90. HELLO HELLO! My Chinese zodiac sign is fire snake, and I would be deeply appreciative of this fine writing instrument – thanks for the chance! Love your newsletter!

  91. If i remember correctly it’s rat. But I think cockroach is more appropriate since I am hard to get rid of

  92. I’m pretty sure my zodiac sign is the horse, but I am loving everything for year of the rabbit!

  93. Born in Year of the Dog, which means this puppy is chasing this little bunny! Thanks for the chance!

  94. I am a horse. I have been fortunate to have a couple of real horses in my life. I was happy to see so many horses in the comments. Like so many of the others, I feel like I should be a cat. The pen is quite beautiful. Have a great day!

  95. My Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey. One of my lucky colors includes gold- like the beautiful accents & nib of this pen. I would be honored to win it!

  96. I believe I’m a water monkey. This is a lovely pen, the red is really nice.

  97. Ah yes, the idea that everybody born in a given time period must be more alike than any other random group of people! (Can you tell I’m not into astrology?) Since I don’t know the signs, I will just say I’m an old crow.

  98. I’m year of the tiger, but I identify much more strongly with their smaller cousin, the house cat.

  99. I was born in year of the pig and think the pen is too nice (and pretty) for me. If I got it I would gift it to another pen addict after trying it out for a time.

  100. I was born in the year of the horse – which apparently has the traits of being indecisive (check), financially sound (?! erm, no – example: I love fountain pens, nuff said), and naturally out-going (… let me stay in my hobbit hole with my dogs and I’ll be my happiest self). Think I’m more suited to the year of the raccoon!

  101. My Zodiac sign is a monkey, which came with so many expectations at the time of birth. As a born Chinese person, there was a lot of palm reading a fortune telling that came with being born under such a fortuitous Zodiac. Needless to say, I did not live up to expectations.

  102. Well, that pen is tail waggingly beautiful for this Doggo! Promise not to slobber on it! 😉

  103. I am a monkey. We determined this at a Chinese restaurant one night when we also found out my mother-in-law is a tiger. Tigers eat monkeys. That is all.

  104. I’m a snake, which is hilarious to my family. Love this pen! Stellar design and I’ve written with fountain pens ever since high school. Nope, not telling how many years!

  105. I’ve long believed that I was born in the year of the monkey but that is solely based on paper placemats from Chinese resteraunts I went to as a kid. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was wrong

    Thanks for the giveaway, beautiful pen!

  106. This member of Team Ox thanks you for offering this gorgeous pen. May the winds of fortune always blow in your favor!

  107. I don’t know what my Chinese zodiac sign is, but a beautiful animal I really liked growing in Nigeria was a small translucent gecko lizard that you would find in the house of the poor as well as the palaces of Kings.

  108. Beautiful writing instrument, to have. Special pen for writing and I am great believer of hand written items. My Chinese sign is Monkey.

  109. Beautiful! I’d have to go with ant; it’s small but hardworking and can make its presence known when needed.

  110. haven’t had the opportunity to try a nahvalur pen yet, and this one is beautiful. I’m a water Rat!

  111. I’m a Dog, which is ironic because I’m extremely to the cat end of pet preferences…

  112. For the last 48 years, I have thought that because I was born in 1975 that I was a cute little rabbit on the Chinese zodiac charts. Just recently though, my daughter informed me that because my birthday is in the 1st week of February, I am actually a tiger.

  113. I’m a water dog, but I totally second the comment wishing there was a platypus! Or maybe a panda

  114. Zodiac sign? Great question. When the Disney movie Land Before Time came out around 25 years ago one of the cahacters was a Brachiosaurus. We share a common trait; long necks. So I’m going with the zodiac sign ………..Brachiosaurus !

  115. While my actual Zodiac sign is a Leo (Meow), I am literally named Tabby and a Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. The clincher? I am a dog person! Puppies, Doggies, and especially Dachshunds (weenie). Not sure about that spelling…. It is just too bad they don’t have a special zodiac sign for gothy, red head, 90s looking, dog people with a cat name and cat sign. I am the sign with a dog chasing his tail and licking his paws while using a litter box? How about the discombobulated sign?

  116. As a red-head this pen will match me wonderfully!! LOL I don’t need a matchy-matchy ink if I have the red hair! I am not sure what my sign is, so I will say I am the year of the horse – a magnificent creature. Thanks for the chance!

  117. My zodiac is the pig (I wish it was the rabbit!) so my alternative, made up zodiac to make it more interesting is the rabbit.

  118. Born in 87′ so I’m a rabbit and my favorite color happens to be red. It’s an absolutely beautiful pen

  119. I hope I win, I have never won a pen. Or the lottery. My Chinese Zodiac sign is Rat but it should be Monkey because I make rudimentary tools out of stone. Thank you.

  120. I am a giraffe!

    (Okay, okay, I’m a cock, which is now a rooster, but when I first learned my sign the placemats referred to the animal as a cock. Thanks, Beavis and Butthead!

    I really wanted to be a giraffe. Or maybe an okapi.)

  121. It’s a beautiful pen! Thank you for the opportunity. I was born in the year of the pig

  122. Not sure what my Chinese sign is, but I’m a Sagittarius. Love the color scheme of this pen

  123. I don’t know mine, so I’ll go with moose. I’ve always been oddly attached to the moose. Also the only animal to ever purposely attack me.

  124. I’m a GOAT! I guess I have the Chinese zodiac to back me up that I’m the greatest now! Also according to the wiki page about Chinese zodiac, my fixed element is earth.

  125. The Ox! My husband and I joke because he was born in the year of the Goat (also called Sheep or Ram), and on one of our earliest dates we ate at a Chinese restaurant that had zodiac info at the table. His entry for compatibility warned “never the Ox.” That was more nearly 37 years ago!

  126. Just barely saw this in time thank goodness year of the tiger over here! Even so a bunny would be perfectly safe with me ;o

  127. Wjat an incredibly beautiful pen!! the red is so vibrant and all the details incredible!!
    My chinese zodiac sign is the Ox. I think it really matches my hard-headedness!!

  128. I believe I’m the year of the pink polka dotted blue bunny. I love rabbits, adore red, have wanted to try a Nahvalur fountain pen, and the Nautilus is my favorite of their current models. So here’s to hope!

  129. I absolutely love red pens, and the fact that it sparkles is a bonus! My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Boar (mild-mannered and chivalrous). Really hoping that I win this pen!

  130. My Chinese zodiac is the horse, which funnily enough I’ve never done track before and I remember having the worse mile time in my middle school.

  131. What a beautiful pen!! I’m born in the year of the dragon myself, specifically the metal dragon. 🙂

  132. This pen is absolutely stunning and the design is so cute! It really is perfect for Lunar New Year! My Chinese Zodiac animal is actually the rabbit which I think is very fitting! It was especially so much fun celebrating this year with all my friends! Thanks for the chance and for doing such an amazing giveaway! Wishing you a wonderful and successful year filled with smiles and happiness! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

  133. Wow, I just realized that my sign is the rabbit and it’s the year of the rabbit. Which apparently is unlucky. I need a lucky red pen to help me make it through!

  134. I’m a snake. I’m sure glad I’m not a monkey. You’re staff monkeys need caffeine- give them some!!!

  135. Year of the dragon here. Normally not a fan of flashy pens, but this one is done so well!

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