It’s not easy being green.

Ana and I were chatting last night and we’ve noticed something about a lot of the limited edition, 2023 pens. Let me add a few photos…

Pelikan Souverän 800 Green Demonstrator ($774 via Nibsmith)
Sailor 1911 Pen of the Year 2023, Golden Olive ($312 via Pen Chalet)
Benu Euphoria in New Year 2023 Limited Edition ($165 via Goldspot)

Did I miss the green for 2023 memo? There are a few interesting finds that aren’t green. For instance the Limited Edition Carousel from Ferris Wheel Press ($90 via Jenni Bick) is rosy. The new TWSBI Eco is Persian Green ($32.99 via Pen Boutique), but it’s definitely got more blue in it. And Lamy, well, they’ve just decided to reissue previous colors on different bodies.

So what do you think? Is green giving you good vibes for this year? Are there other limited edition pens you’re digging in other colors?

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  1. SO much green — multiple Kaweco Sports, Kaweco green liliput, TWSBI’s Eco Gift Set in Transparent Royal Jade Green, TWSBI’s glow green … I love all the green and have somehow resisted all of them!!!

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