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I can’t believe its already the middle of March! Normally, this time of year, I’d be preparing to head to Little Rock for the Arkansas Pen Show but due to starting a new job, I don’t have the seniority to take as many vacation days as I have been able to take in the past. So, I sit in my studio, surrounded by cats and pack orders from here.

Many of these orders are for the sale pens listed in the shop right now. Laura and I culled our collections in a rash of spring cleaning. For me, doing a bit of collection culling leaves room to try new pens and to set some free to find better forever homes. With a collection as large as mine, many pens have sat un-inked for years while other pens get used on a daily or weekly basis. I also think that over time, I’ve found the size and style of pens that work best for me so the pens that don’t fit comfortably in my hands are ready to find their Cinderella hands.

Do you get bitten by the spring cleaning bug?




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  1. Hi Ana,
    I wonder if the spring cleaning bug hit a certain fountain pen I think you have ?
    If ever you want to sale away the Sheaffer Skripsert Petit-Point in white I raise my hand very high ! Tell me please if ever it’s available, thanks, good night.

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