Do you love reading posts at the Desk? Do you ever wish you could find a ton of other pen and stationery aficionados you can follow? Do you want to search for specific topics or reviews? Then we’ve got the answer: Pennaquod.

Pennaquod is maintained by Ian and is a way to search through compendium of posts from a ton of fabulous blogs. You can search Pennaquod for a specific topic (my search here was for “Platinum 3776”) and get a full list of blog posts on the topic to browse at your leisure.

Or you can simply browse the list of blogs Pennaquod searches and check out the ones that appeal to you to find new reviews.

All the blogs included are produce genuine blog reviews, and Ian’s site is a resource to the community, and not a for-profit venture.

Happy reading!

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    1. This is very odd. I am not having any issues with the Pennaquod link or any of the sites listed on the Pennaquod page. Maybe give it another try with a different browser? It uses a filter for Google search results that removes ads. I don’t know if that will effect results but its worth a shot.

  1. Seems like the link is bad. Clicked on the link and had 4 pop ups immediately blocked and a bunch of other junk on the screen.

    1. We’ve checked the link. It goes directly to and the individual sites listed all appear to be active.

  2. Hiya sorry that’s a bust / I go back every so often but honestly most are broken links or haven’t been updated since 2012. Sadly this once great idea may have just been
    Much to keep up with.

  3. Seriously, Ian, Pennaquod is a fantastic idea. It saves time, expands horizons, and fosters a sense of community. This is definitely going straight into my bookmark arsenal. Thanks for sharing this gem, Ian! Pennaquod is a true gift to the pen-wielding world.

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