Quick Look: Tsukineko Soramame Ink Pad – Set of 4

I saw these Tsukineko Soramame Ink Pad ( Set of 4) in the Modern colorway ($10) and had to try them. The set includes four colors, each with a cap and contained into a plastic holder for storage and display.

The set also include stickers to label the tubes as well as a piece of double sided tape to use to connect multiple sets together.

This set of stamp pads are designed to be little caps that you can slip on to the end of your finger and then tamp the color onto your stamps. So they will work with any size stamp and you could even potentially mix colors on your stamp to create a rainbow or other effect.

The inks in the pads are pigment based and water washable.

The colors could also be applied to paper as dots or color blocking the way some people use other stamp pads, just on a smaller scale.

The colors in this set are similar to cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It’s a fun set and I am looking forward to testing it out with my stamps. Have you ever tried this little stamp pads?

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  1. Yes, these are super cute! I have found that you have to be careful what paper you use them on, unlike VersaMagic Chalk ink pads which are also pigment-based (I think). The VersaMagic ones are far less likely to bleed through – I’ve even used them successfully on Tomoe River paper in my Hobonichi planner.

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