Mini-Review: Tombow Mono Correction Tape

When is an eraser not an eraser? When its a Tombow Mono Pocket Correction Tape ($3.15 each)housed in a case that looks like the brand’s most iconic white plastic eraser. I couldn’t resist the twist. The Mono Pocket Correction Tape is kind of like an eraser for ink, right? Its a small, portable capped correction tape which makes it great for anyone who schleps their office supplies back and forth to school or work (like me).

The only downside of this correction tape is that it is “disposable”.  Tombow does offer a refillable correction tape in their “air” line but in my research, most correction tape dispensers are not refillable.

When the cap is removed, its easy to see the tape and the clear body makes it pretty easy to place it accurately.

The “before” photo
The “after” photo

As shown above, the Mono Pocket Correction Tape works well in covering any mistakes, cancelled meetings or other changes. The samples above are on Paperblanks slightly creamy paper stock so the bright white of the correction tape is more apparent then it might appear on whiter paper. The tape did cover the text pretty well and was easy to apply.

If I need to carry correction tape, it might as well be fun correction tape, right? It’s small size makes it easy to fit in my pen case too. Do you use correction tape? What is your favorite correction tape?

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  1. Hi Ana
    Thanks again for your reviews, I always find them interesting and informative.

    I bought the Midori XS mini stationery kit a few years ago as I loved the tiny items inside and it’s perfect to sling in the bottom of a bag when travelling so I don’t need to worry about supplies if I wanted to do some craft (I also squeezed in a pencil sharpener and eraser).

    The one thing I didn’t think I’d use was the correction tape as I’d never used it before but in fact, it’s been the thing I’ve reached for most when at home. I use it in my planner to cover mistakes and it blends with the paper really well. I sometimes need to smooth the edges down further with a finger but it then is very neat – and yes, it can be written over – just write lightly and don’t use anything too sharp – though I have used a fountain pen to write on it. You can see the difference but it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t looked for a refill yet but I’m hoping that Midori has one.

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