Mini-Review: Pilot Juice Paint Pen in White

After my previous post about opaque white markers, I grabbed another model — this time the Pilot Juice Paint ($3.60 for EF). The Pilot Juice Paint pens are available in a variety of colors in Fine and Extra Fine models. I was most curious about the white for adding highlights and details in art work but the metallic silver and gold might be fun for lettering or signs.

The most interesting aspect of this pen is that hex shape of the barrel and cap. It’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t roll away.

In order to activate the marker, you need to push the tip down until it goes into the barrel to prime the ink. It should only be necessary to do this when its new or if you have used a lot of paint.

For a bullet tip paint pen, the color is pretty opaque and the flow was good.

I would compare the pen and color to a Sharpie water-based paint pen. Most artists have one or two paint pens in their toolbox. I think the Pilot Juice Paint is a good option when you need to replace your existing stash.

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