Yarn + Ink: This IS a spring chicken.

This week I looked at the palette I was knitting with and knew it would make a fun set of ink swatches. My regrets are that I don’t have the perfect butter yellow, or that light almost pea green.

But I muddled through and selected:

What other inks should I include?

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  1. I only have two yellow inks, DeAtramentis Pearlescent Amber Yellow Gold is a great buttery yellow, without the leaning toward orange. Kyo No Oto Yama buki iro is a shading ink that straddles yellow, green, and brown to my eyes. Not recommended to represent butter then.

  2. How about Taccia Uguisi for that dark olive green? And J Herbin Ambre de Birmanie for that butter yellow plus Robert Oster Yellow Sunset for the more golden tones.

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