Giveaway Winners: Endless Companion Pen Pouches

Last minute correction, I didn’t match the comments to the email addresses for one winner. Luckily, she caught my mistake and everything is A-OK! Sorry for the confusion!

What are the odds that the random number generator would pick 3 winners all requesting different sized Endless Pen Companion cases on the first try?!?!? Today, the odds were 66%. So I had to toss a coin for who got the 5-pen and the 3-pen case. Pretty amazing!!!

So without further ado, drum roll for our winners:

Jen and Theresa, I had to toss a coin as to who would get the 3 and 5-pen sized. I hope the coin chose correctly!

And (correction!) the final winner was Lisa S. who chose the 2-Pen Companion:

Thanks again for everyone who entered and a big thanks to Luxury Brands USA for supplying the cases for our giveaway.

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    1. So sorry to pull the Emmy from you at the last second. I had already emailed the winners when the post went live. Next time…!

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