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Buyer Beware! The “This Innovative Artist Pen Can Draw in 16 Million Colors” (via My Modern Met) is back! This is a product under a different name than previous tools but its another in a long list of products that tries to make it possible to have all the colors of the rainbow in one pen.

I am not going to link it anywhere except here in my intro because, honestly, I still don’t believe this can work and is there really a need for this? How are the colors cleared out or do you get gooey griege/poop brown/etc while the pen shifts from orange to green? I shake my head. Please, if you know of a real world need for this, let me know in the comments. In the meantime, I am just going to ponder a world where this is the kind of product development people are clamoring for.




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  1. I did see a youtube video of the colorpik pen supposedly working and yes, the user held the nib to a tissue to bleed off the ink until the chosen color flowed properly. IF this is real, it seems like an awfully big waste of ink if you switch colors often. Considering the price point of $160 and ink refills are $30 it seems like a poor value. A cursory glance at Amazon and you can get hundreds of markers in all the colors for far cheaper than that. Who really needs a marker to match their sweater or teapot that bad??

  2. My first thought: I want one! My second thought: The nozzles will instantly clog, just like every color inkjet I’ve owned.

  3. It supposedly works on electronic tablets too – do they all use the same colour-codings and pen type?

    I remember a similar ink-mixing pen being advertised years ago – which never worked.

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